the mood in The VW city in the South-East is the low-down Saxony. 19 people have died within a few days by the Coronavirus. The victims all lived in old-age homes, 18 of them in the Hanns-Lilje-home to the participants the mountain, which specialises in people with dementia.

And then it was sealed off to all, on the weekend the hospital. Not only are visitors not allowed to enter the house – even patients were denied admission. Only exception: children in emergencies and women who have to give birth. The reason: On the weekend of 14 staff members were positive on the Covid-19 were tested, which had a colleagues.

people automatically step to the right to the wayside

The main entrance of the hospital, which is located only around 300 meters away from the Hanns-Lilje-home on the South side of the participants mountain, also on Tuesday morning, do not suspect that, in the large building complex of 250 patients and 2000 employees. Only from time to time laid-off patients or members of staff to come outside. And the Latter are also the only ones who can re-enter. After the weekend has got around that every visitor will be rejected, regardless of whether it is elderly patients or children.

most of The people that go on this Sunny, but cold, last day of March, the participants mountain walk, from the hospital of any note. Someone was coming towards me, most automatically step right to the edge of the path. Far the motto of the hour is to keep.

And the questions of a foreign journalist shall respect the distance, seem to be funny, which is seen in the irritated reactions easily. “Whether we have Worries, because the hospital receives no more patients? Nah! The remains a few days of sealing, and then everything is good,“ calls out the husband of a retired couple to the Reporter. The last half of the sentence he speaks, as he addressed the views again to the front.

“to Me the situation makes me afraid”

Diethild 83 is Jebsen and know very well that you should be careful simply because of their age in front of the Coronavirus in particular. She lives nearby and comes here often for a walk. “I’m just at the Hanns-Lilje-home run. This is a terrible story,“ she says, agitated. Worry about yourself, not due to the patient lock is in the hospital, however. “Of course it is comfortable to know that it is so close. But if something happens, then we will find another solution. You can prepare Yes.“

A lady in early 40, driving with a folding bike slowly along the street, is much less optimistic. “I think this speaks for itself, if a hospital out of caution takes no new patients. To me the situation makes me afraid,“ she says, and hurries away.

dpa, Wolfsburg’s mayor Klaus Mohrs (SPD).

WHETHER Mohrs: “High Standards of infection have prevented”

in The afternoon, then gives the all-clear, however, Wolfsburg’s mayor Klaus Mohrs, for the time being. Together with the Hospital Director Matthias Menzel, he explains in the almost completely abandoned city hall, the VW-town journalists that already by 12 o’clock the shooting stop for new patients again dropped. The Covid-19-Test in the patients, and up to 300 workers at the clinic have shown that only about five percent of the people tested, including the weekend of the known cases had been positively tested. These 30 people were in home quarantine. With this result, according to Mohr’s, could the wolf Burger again “full confidence” in the municipal hospital treatment.

the corona crisis in Wolfsburg is under control, believe no one. Although I have shown the swab tests that the “very high Standards in the hospital of infections prevented,” said the city chief. Effective but avoid heavy impact of the epidemic did not, however, only, if it came to a renewed increase in infections.

clinic-chief Menzel: “Have a very serious task in front of us”

Even more clinic chief Menzel was. “We still have a very heavy task in front of us. Although we are unable to accommodate new patients. But slide-on treatments will continue, as previously, made.“ Background capacities, which are to be held for a further rise of corona infection-free.

dpa, Matthias Menzel, Director of the municipal hospital in Wolfsburg, with a mask at the press conference.

Several emergencies due to Corona-crisis clinic dismissed

That this for patients now inconvenience would arise, is unfortunately unavoidable, added Menzel. According to Bernadette Erdmann, head of the Central emergency Department of the Wolfsburg hospital, had been dismissed in the two days of the recording of stops for new patients “a low two-digit number of emergency transports” from the hospital. The patients were included from other clinics in the surrounding cities.

emergency hospital with 210 beds beds could be Friday to be finished

in Addition to the approximately 100 hospital, which would be held on time, according to the health and hospital Department head Monika Müller for the corona crisis, the city of Wolfsburg with the help of “Volkswagen estate” at present, the emergency hospital.

It is created in the Hotel “Global Inn”, which is closed due to the Corona-epidemic at the moment and is intended to provide up to 210 patients place. “Maybe it can take on Friday, the first patients,” said Müller to FOCUS Online.

“I don’t Like colouring in to me”: the ethics Commission provides Triage rules on

But the disaster scenarios on which the crisis staffs of the preparing the Wolfsburg clinic in the meantime for a runaway increase in the corona infections, go even further and extend to the so-called “Triage”. The word comes from the French Verb “trier”, meaning “sort” or “choose” means. The Triage was. during the First world war became synonymous with the fast Divide of life-threatening injured patients into different risk groups, if existing medical facilities are not enough to supply to all patients

As a principle applicable at the time of Triage, and the treatment preferred receive those patients who have chances for the best Recovery. “I don’t like to imagine the what that would mean,” says Menzel, anticipating, as he is addressed on the topic. Deal he is doing now but still in order. “The ethics Commission, which sets out the criteria for such a case is to be decided, yesterday, resumed its work.”

9-year-old Isabelle belongs to the risk group – mother> important message to all of us PCP 9-year-old Isabelle belongs to the risk group – mother has an important message to us all