At first glance, it looked, especially from the Swiss point of view, after the world Cup-rejection easily: in Zurich and Lausanne in the next spring to train, and by 2025, already awarded the world Championships are held also all a year later.

The first signals from the Hockey world were encouraging. But in the meantime, there are some points that speak against the issue.

1. The Corona-uncertainty

several in the Meantime, even in Switzerland voices, which describe a world championship in 2021, at least not without its problems. The economic damage of the Corona-crisis will have on the Sport impact. Whether or not sponsors, partners, companies and Fans can follow suit at the world Cup 2021 in the same Mass, is highly uncertain.

2. The factor NHL

The NHL, the Stars of a world Cup give the Shine, still plans to their interrupted season in the summer to complete. This would have an impact on the next NHL season. She would later begin and end. Even if one were to perform the world Cup in 2021 at a later date, you would have to expect more Cancellations of NHL Stars. The world Cup would be devalued.

3. The organization

The world Cup has been awarded for 2021 to Latvia and white Russia, 2022 to Finland, 2023 in Russia, 2024 Czech Republic and 2025 in Sweden and Denmark, agreements have been signed. The preparations in Riga and Minsk are advanced. By Shifting costs would be incurred.

4. The Sport-politics

the world Cup-to change order, must be able to the Congress of the international Association IIHF days. The should have been during the world Cup in Zurich on the stage, but had to be because of the Coronovirus moved. If and when it can take place, is unclear.

The Congress elections are coming up. President René Fasel assigns. And in the Council room. Also, the Swedish President of the Association, a candidate Anders Larsson, for months on vote catching. With the election, the Switzerland would have a gentle pressure to move the Swedes to relent. This buck namely yet, the world Cup in the Olympic year of 2026 to perform.

the Congress, would Fasel attachments, although probably still a year as President, but the Swiss are not able to play the Council-election-map (yet).

(Too) much to be said against a world Cup 2021 in Switzerland and if at least officially, no decision has fallen. And how it looks like in 2022? More realistic is the hope to 2023 is well. Otherwise, we would have to wait until 2026!

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