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Who’s playing: , Boris Berezovsky, Alexander Ghindin, Varvara Kutuzova, Konstantin Emelyanov, accompanied by the National Philharmonic orchestra of Russia (conductor Arsenty Tkachenko).

What’s playing: W. A. Mozart – Concerto for two pianos and orchestra, K. Saint-Saens “Carnival of animals” B. Bartok – Concerto for two pianos, percussion and orchestra, J. Gershwin – “American in Paris”, L. Bernstein – Suite from the musical “West side story”.

Why go: Cycle of piano duets – chip “Charge”; such nowhere else. This time in a luxury room meet the masters of black and white keys Boris Berezovsky and Alexander Ghindin and just-fledged (but it was real stars!) Varvara Kutuzova and Konstantin Emelyanov; sophisticated audience will have something to discuss after the show. Russian piano school is still inspiring to say there is not boring and envious.

Where, when, how much: the Concert hall “charge”; March 8; 1 000 – 5 000 RUB.

Photo: MKZ “charge”

Who’s playing: national Philharmonic orchestra of Russia (conductor Vinzenz Praxmarer), soloist Anastassia Belorukova, art word Alla Demidova.

What’s playing: L. van Beethoven – Music to Goethe’s tragedy “Egmont” for soprano and orchestra, P. Tchaikovsky “Francesca da Rimini” symphonic fantasy on Dante, “Italian Capriccio” on the theme of folk songs for orchestra.

Why go: Going to “charge” the festival “Beethoven and Tchaikovsky” will continue mapping not only musical, but also literary. The concert will be attended by the actress Alla Demidova, her artistic expression will help the National Philharmonic orchestra of Russia to gather together the passion of Tchaikovsky and grandeur of Dante, the heroism of Beethoven and Goethe and the like.

Where, when, how much: the Concert hall “charge”; 5 March; 1 000 – 3 500 RUB.

Photo: MKZ “charge”

Who’s playing: Michael Spyres, Dilyara Idrisova orchestra Musica Viva (conductor Philipp Chizhevsky).

What’s playing: W. A. Mozart – arias and duets from the operas “Idomeneo, king of Crete”, “Mithridates, king of Pontus”, “Mercy of Tita”, John. Rossini – Aria from the Opera “Cinderella”, “Mr. Bruschino”, “lady of the lake”, “Count”, P. Mascagni – Intermezzo from Opera “Cavalleria Rusticana”, Gaetano Donizetti – Aria and duet from the Opera “Love drink”.

Why go: Michael Spyres and Dinara IDRISSOVA divided the concert into two parts: in the first part they sing “Kings”, the second “Lovers”. The American lyric tenor, whose voice is fairly reminiscent of Nicolai Gedda, reveal the ins and outs of the powerful, and excelled in coloratura soloist of the Bashkir Opera and ballet theatre of the Dinar Idrisov will sing about love in all its conceivable forms.

Where, when, how much: the Concert hall “charge”; March 2; 400 – 2 500 RUB

Photo: the Moscow state academic Philharmonic

Who’s playing: Soloists, chorus and orchestra of Moscow musical theatre “Helikon-Opera” (conductor Valery Kiryanov), soloists Vadim Zaplechny, Anna Pegova, Alexey Isaev, Valentina Gopher, Dmitry Khromov, etc.

What’s playing: Dzh. Verdi – Otello (Opera in concert performance).

Why go: “Helikon-Opera” is famous for its original productions – artistic Director of the theatre Dmitry Bertman will not get bored even for a beginner who can’t distinguish a Cavatina from cabaletta. However, live performance is another matter; vocal training in any entourage will not cover. Stand it leading soloists of “Helikon-Opera” the test is one of the most difficult of Verdi’s creations? Will respond if “truly realistic musical drama” (as it was called Othello I. Sollertinsky) in the hearts of the listeners? Assessment they will put the Hamburg account.

Where, when, how much: Concert hall. Tchaikovsky; March 3; 500 – 2 000 RUB.

Photo: the Moscow state academic Philharmonic

Who’s playing: the Russian national youth Symphony orchestra (conductor: Jean-Christophe Spinosi), soloist Irina Bozhenko, Elena Tarosan.

What’s playing: Berlioz – Waltz from “Fantastic Symphony”, C. Weber – “Invitation to dance”, Jacques Offenbach – Barcarole from the Opera “Tales of Hoffmann”, J. Brahms – Hungarian dances No. 1 and No. 5, J. Strauss – Fast polka, “long live the Hungarians”, the Waltz “the blue Danube”, P. Tchaikovsky – waltz of the flowers from the ballet extravaganza “the Nutcracker,” Waltz-Scherzo for violin and orchestra, Sh. Gounod – Juliette’s Waltz from the Opera “Romeo and Juliet”, L. Delibes – Spanish Bolero, M. Ravel – La Valse (choreographic poem).

Why go: a Set of courtly lover: and here he waltzes in a wide range – from the daring rollicking Strauss to Ravel and Bolero mocking Delibes “Beauty of Cadiz” and the Barcarolle from “Tales of Hoffmann” – a model of deceptive simplicity, and noble-sublime, “Invitation to the dance” by Weber. Symphonic miniatures from different eras and styles, as a gift to all the lovely ladies from the Russian national youth Symphony orchestra and gallant Maestro Jean-Christophe Spinosi.

Where, when, how much: the Concert hall “Philharmonie-2”; 5 March; Concert hall. Tchaikovsky; March 8; 300 – 2 000 RUB.