MOSCOW, may 2 / Radio Sputnik. The head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova has explained that the test for coronavirus gives the result not earlier than in three days after infection.

Earlier she gave an interview to the journalist Naila Asker-zade on the channel “Russia 24”.

“three days, that is, the virus must enter the body to develop. The most common way to obtain material is a swab from the nose, we can find him, it is minimum” – quoted by RIA Novosti, Popov.

She believes that a rigid quarantine of a man who recovered from coronavirus, respect is not required.

“We do not require rigid quarantine after we have confirmed that the person is not contagious, but the opportunity we it is ready to provide and recommend that we now do, that a person who was discharged from hospital, or outpatient treatment is finished, it needs to rest for some time certain, 7-10 days, 14 is better, following all of the rules that we observe today”, – said the head of Rospotrebnadzor.

the Chief sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation added that to introduce a passport of immunity to coronavirus infection is still early.

“Well, the idea certainly is, and it is good in itself, but you have to understand – it’s probably a little early to implement it … We need to understand what we are doing and why. And we said, how long will stay immune. In order to make the passport. How long the entry in the passport could be relevant. You need time,” she said.

moreover, Popov admits that in the future the immunoglobulins will be used for the prevention of coronavirus.

“you Know, we had a period when we were introduced immunoglobulins – not a plasma, and immunoglobulins for the prevention of viral hepatitis, and were immunoglobulin measles, and a host of other infections we treat, profilaktirujut immunoglobulin. In today’s situation, serum and plasma are used for patients. Here today until other appointments are not. Maybe they will, but so far not today”, – said the head of Rospotrebnadzor.

She explained that the virus is a very long time leaves the body, even feeling a healthy person can excrete the virus enters the body, it stimulates the production of antibodies and immunoglobulins of memory. To date, a number of test systems it is already configured and reveals such immunoglobulins, have focused Popova.

“And we see in the dynamics that the number of immunoglobulins G, which are responsible for immunity once the body is fully recovered, they are developed, they are, and the whole world today knows that, in General, scientists around the world say Yes, the immune system is produced”, she said.

According to Popova, still need to investigate how long immunity will persist, how it will be intense, as it is produced in different people.

Earlier radio Sputnik reported that Sergei Sobyanin admitted, at what scenario we can hope for relief measures.

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