The words of the members of the 155th Marine Infantry Brigade of the Pacific Fleet are very critical in their letter. It is addressed to the governor of Primorsky Krai Oleg Kozhemyako. Elite military officials complain that their commanders’ actions have resulted in heavy casualties.

Several pro-Kremlin sources report on the complaint. The full text of the letter can be found on Telegram. The soldiers write that over the course of four days during an “incomprehensible offensive” in the village of Pavlivka in the Donetsk region, they “lost about 300 men – dead, wounded and missing.” They would also have lost half of the vehicles. Indeed, the Russian Defense Ministry reported “defeats against units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces” near Pavlivka on November 5-6.

According to the authors, their commanders – “General Muradov and his compatriot and buddy Akhmedov” – planned the offensive in such a way that Muradov would “deserve a bounty from the heads of the General Staff” and Akhmedov would receive the title “Hero of Russia”: “They care for nothing but to adorn themselves. They call people flesh.”

The elite soldiers are asking that the governor contact the Department of Defense and open an investigation: “Let them inquire about the purpose of such actions.”

Death and destruction in Ukraine continue unabated, with no end in sight. Neither Moscow nor Kyiv want to negotiate at the moment. But the pressure in the West for an agreement is increasing.