mold is a part of the natural environment. Wet floors, walls or Ceilings, as well as a continuously high humidity and different temperatures in the adjacent rooms to provide good conditions for the spread of the fungus.

wood, glue or synthetic resin is to provide a suitable breeding ground. The formation of mold is fast. How to get rid of him just as quickly again, you can find here.

precautions in the removal

you Should I decide to remove the mold yourself, it is recommended to make the cause of the infestation initially aware of. In the case of a superficial infection, which takes place on a half square, is a stand-alone distance possible. Important health precautionary measures. The following measures you should take:

gloves mouth protection with fine-dust filter safety glasses to integrate, where appropriate, a disposable protective suit and mildew stains on walls remove

the spores and bacteria and to avoid Dispersion, should you moisturize initially, the affected area. Since Material such as Wallpaper or clamping plates can not be cleaned, these must be removed.

After the Moisturizing, you can remove the mold with a denatured alcohol-soaked cloth (at least 70 – 80 percent) wipe and let it dry. To avoid an Explosion, should be provided for good ventilation and, nor fire handled to be smoked.

mildew stains on textiles

remove large areas of mold damage should be urgently technical staff visited, in order to avoid permanent health damage.

In the case of smaller damage to the mold stains with home remedies such as lemon can be edited. The appropriate stain is soaked with the liquid of a lemon, with salt, sealed, and then air-dried. To remove a further possibility of mildew stains with home remedies, offers vinegar with the same process.

What home remedies help?

you Want to remove the mold, offering alcohol at the best. Fungicides (chemicals) can be set in the wall, and have health consequences for the people.

tips and Tricks

The best prevention is still the Pension. This means that in order to avoid mildew stains, take a look through your home and see if all the Places are well heated and the humidity is not too high. Ventilate regularly, and you can set up your apartment for the best that no furniture against cold external walls.