Small gifts maintain the friendship! This proverb take in the election by the parties to the heart. With small attentions they court the favor of the voters.

The parties have a lot to offer. Who advertises with the most creative gift in order to vote? VIEW provides the Ranking.

1. FDP is wearing a dick on

It is the great aim of the FDP: the SP rank run. What is your success in the elections hardly, it creates in the Gschänkli Ranking. Yes, you get right in the first place. By applying thick! With your sun-cream and the cheeky slogan “you are not a red will”. Thousands of tubes were distributed in the summer Heat. A useful accessory, although if the FDP had also Häme plug it in.

a Very modern and digital, the FDP with their Virtual Reality glasses. If people look at this but really the party’s own promotional film? We doubt it. The Dust factor is large.

Finally, there’s something for the braggart of the FDP! A pocket knife as a luxury Give-away is only for the candidates, with individual name stamping. It is the ideal tool to use against the opponent SVP to compete: Finally, it is wonderful to dismember a worm-eaten Apple.

2. SP makes the socks

“Red sock!” The use of it as a dirty word for the Left – the Left themselves use it tongue-in-cheek as lovers meant a term of endearment. The SP makes on the socks in the direction of choice this autumn. Party chief Christian Levrat (49) presented the knitwear in any case, full of Pride at the party Congress. Whether it is the election result on 20. October, from the socks to the skin? We are finding at least funny.

Otherwise, the Comrades put on the usual offer: bag cloth – to dry the tears of despair or joy. But gummy bears and Pins in the gift list.

3. BDP scores with bottles of

is Actually the “Boring but good”campaign of the BDP is quite entertaining. Also in the case of the Give-aways she has something Funny to think of a bottle with the Slogan “Drink enough water to our dry policy”.

That’s enough for the third place. Rank 1 would have catapulted the BDP on the other hand, if you have decided on the following Slogan: “We put on bottles!” But well, since it hears it, then even in the case of the BDP, the self-irony on.

Our prediction: one or The other BDPler will. the bottle on the 20 October fill not with water, but with high percent – the defeat of drink beautiful. Well then: Cheers!

4. SVP, suddenly, bike friendly

The BDP scores with self-irony – the SVP somehow. Ironically, the party that thinks nothing of climate protection policy, pandering to cyclists and pedestrians – with the light-emitting snap-on bracelets. This is also in the dark, “Free and safe” on-the-go. SVP is suddenly for Swiss Velofreunde party?

believe So really we don’t like it. Well, therefore, that the rest of the offer is good traditional, such as with lighters or deck of cards Swiss -.

5. Green, GLP and CVP Yawn

we’re really sorry, but in the case of the other three parties, the offer is simply to Yawn. Nothing that stands out really, and to Think or Smile stimulates.

stickers, balloons, handkerchiefs, pens, matches – snoring! For this, there is a collective last place. And this is almost too good.