Dangerous action in Fulda: After a smoking break, a drunk man jumped onto a moving ICE train and rode it for kilometers. The train reached speeds of around 160 kilometers per hour.

A man in Fulda jumped on a moving ICE train and rode it for kilometers because he missed getting back on board after a smoke break. The 32-year-old drove in the transition area between two cars at around 160 kilometers per hour 20 kilometers in the direction of Kassel before the federal police stopped the train, as the officials announced on Monday. The 32-year-old was unharmed in the life-threatening action on Saturday evening.

The police found the man had a blood alcohol level of 1.5. Travelers had observed the 32-year-old’s daring maneuvers in the Fulda train station and alerted the officials. Administrative offense proceedings were initiated against him. “We expressly warn against such life-threatening, prohibited actions,” said a spokesman for the federal police.