the Other train with a Fitness Tracker on your wrist, Conor McGregor waived, however, in the fitness Studio only reluctantly on his Rolex. As in the Video on his official Instagram page, the martial arts Champion in a Sparring Session in the Studio on his Rolex Day-Date. In a good mood, McGregor filmed in the Boxing on the punching bag. Conor McGregor also places the Training emphasis on luxury watches: The UFC Superstar showed up on Instagram when Training with his Rolex.

Conor McGregors Rolex

In the case of McGregors Rolex watch is a platinum model of the Day-Date with ice blue dial. Of course, the strap may be only from the Finest: Here is the martial arts Superstar is wearing the so-called President Bracelet. This, among other things, “ is reported”. Who would like to set when Training on the same model as McGregor, has to dig deep in the bag: The model will cost about 50.000 Euro.

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Classic model

The Day-Date is regarded as a classic among the Rolex watches. They first appeared in 1956 and was the first watch that displayed the day of the week advertised in a window. That Conor McGregor is a friend of expensive watches, however, it is not a secret. His watch collection should amount to a value of $ 800,000 (the equivalent of about 721.000 Euro).

as early as 2017 with Rolex Training

the clock is not New in McGregors watches collection, however, is obvious. Already in 2017, the athletes on his Instagram page presented a photo of the watch on his wrist. “Sparring today,” wrote McGregor at the time – suggesting that he wore his Day-Date at the time when Training. Afford McGregor can certainly: Its assets amounted to 108 million euros.

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