Who trumpets his potted plants, such as angel or citrus trees has still left unprotected Outdoors, it should bring now to their winter quarters, in order to survive the cold Season undamaged. A or insecticides stained or unheated staircase or a dark basement are a good way to Overwinter geraniums and co.

however, it is Important that the plants be watered in the Winter. The plants need in the winter months, only a little water. The root ball must not dry out.

protection from Frost in the open air

Ideal for the Winter is also a winter garden. But also in a garden house or a temporary winter storage custom made or from the nursery pot plants, olive tree or Oleander can be wrapped up properly in the Winter harmless to survive. The pots can be placed on Styrofoam plates and with jute bags in addition to Packed. Stem and crown are wrapped with a layer of Fleece, so they are not only protected from ground frost, but also from above. So the plants are protected on the terrace sufficiently before Frost.

your palms should now be bound together and to the exposed areas with fleece are protected. Also ornamental grasses should now be tied together. For roses in the flower Bed the Pack with a fleece is also good. Bark mulch and Pine branches to the root ball cover, protects the root area of the roses against the cold. The compost supplies the roots with nutrients in the Winter.

This garden

the morning fog and, increasingly, falling leaves in autumn: the autumn is here. Some Work in the garden and on the terrace to stand again.

cleaning and maintenance of furniture and equipment

garden furniture should be cleaned and maintained, before they are stowed away in the basement. The garden tools are now no longer needed and should be cleaned before storing, thoroughly. Is for storage of garden furniture is no space in the basement or the Garage, are to be found in the specialist market-special hoods for Covering Outdoor.

gutters cleaning, water lines Outdoors, turn off the

Not only the lawn should be cleared of Foliage. Also gutters and down pipes should be cleaned of Leaves and debris so melting water can drain away snow, ice and rain well and not clogged. Otherwise, accumulated water can freeze and the pipes can cause damage. So that Frost will not damage the water lines Outdoors should be drained of the water and the pipes emptied, and until the spring be turned off. It is advisable to leave the water taps open when the water is turned off. So there is no pressure in the lines can occur and the water pipe damage. This could otherwise be a pretty penny.

protection and fodder for animals in the garden

Leaves collected in the garden during the calculation, does not need to be disposed of and composted. A foliage mound under a shrub hedgehogs offers protection from the winter cold. The birds power of Winter, the life and the search for food difficult. A bird house in the garden with bird food looks pretty and also facilitates the birds over the Winter.