Winokur was supported by Jakubowicz in pension dispute with the Senator:

this statement immediately reacted aggressively Ryazan, Prestigio Leonid Abramovich that, well, worthless artists complaining about their pensions as they are not workers. A coworker stood up singer Lev Leshchenko, advising the Senator “to read carefully what the stars say”. He said the problem is that the country in principle, extremely low pension payments, which cannot normally live. The artist gave the example that the pension his wife is only 8,000 rubles. The discussion was joined by a famous humorist, singer, broadcaster and educator Vladimir Vinokur:

– I, of course, difficult to comment on the words of a man I don’t know and never seen (the Senator Valeria Ryazan — approx.ed.). Leonid Yakubovich is a well — liked artist. And of course, he continues to work as — what else? The same and Lev Leshchenko. Your opinion is one. And everyone is entitled to it. If the Chairman was considered normal to expose yourself in this way — please… I work too, although retired. You yourself understand perfectly well that hope to retire in our country, silly, unrealistic. I think that my mother would not be able to live up to 96 years independently. Old people only support the children if they have them. Of course, a very small pension. I have a saying that I often repeat: “we don’t go out – we take.” Will try to stay up longer carried. And Leonid Yakubovich and Loewe hi!