Windows 10 users complained about the loss of passwords. About it reports the edition Windows Latest with a link to message the owners of copies of the operating system on Reddit.

Operating system users have noticed that the built-in program “credential Manager” to store passwords lost login information for accounts Chrome, Edge, and other applications. According to reports, the information on logins and passwords clears after reboot the device.

Journalists noticed that the problem started to occur after patch 1909.

“My account Outlook 2010 does not remain logged in to the system. The same situation with all sites in Google Chrome,” said one of the interviewed users.

In addition, some users have noticed that the built-in system app to connect to VPN networks does not accept the username and password of the account.

Microsoft acknowledged the existence of problems. The company’s engineers has promised to release fixes the shortcomings of the OS patches and include them in future update of Windows. Until the company released an update, the journalists recommended that you delete the new problem the update and revert to the old.

Earlier Windows users noticed the disappearance of one of the usual OS functions. After the release of the may update of the operating system has longer to install and remove drivers via “device Manager”. According to the owners copies of the OS, Microsoft did not notify them of the change.