the Draft document was adopted at a meeting of the clubs of the Russian Premier League (RPL), held last week. It spelled out key details relating to the testing of players and staff teams, the rules of admission to the stadiums of the employees of the clubs, arenas, media representatives, etc.

it is Important that the regulations spelled out the possibility of the presence in the stands of spectators in coordination with regional authorities, even in the amount of 10 percent of the capacity of the arena. However, the away fans out of the question anyway.

stepping inside the stadium will have journalists who will be able during matches to be in the press box. But the format of the traditional post-match press conferences had to be changed: communication with coaches will be held by video conference.

special attention in the regulations is paid to the situation in which someone of the players will pick up the coronavirus after the resumption of the championship. It is emphasized that to withdraw from the tournament clubs during this will not. At the same time, if a team in a particular match will not be able to collect the application form from 16 healthy players, it will be forfeited.

Another interesting question that will be discussed at today’s Executive Committee, is associated with the regulation already Cup. Recall that one of the pairs of the 1/2 final of the tournament was the capital “Spartak” and Petersburg “Zenith”. The tentative date of the match is already known – 18-19 July, but the venue is not. And all because in the current Cup regulations not prescribed procedure for the determination of the owners, starting from the 1/4 finals. “Zenith” insists on the fact that the match has to go in St. Petersburg, “Spartak” wants the draw. Perhaps, after considering the agenda item “On introducing changes in the Regulation of Olympus-the Cup of Russia on football of the season 2019-2020 in the definition of the “masters field” in the match of 1/4 and 1/2 finals of the said competition,” all questions will disappear by themselves.

in addition, it is expected that the Executive Committee will raise the issue of changes in the rules governing the application of the newcomers clubs in the season 2019/2020. The corresponding item on the agenda of the Executive Committee is a special interest in the light of the return to CSKA’s legendary striker, the Brazilian Wagner Lava. Under current law, the 35-year-old South American , who yesterday had to sign a contract with the “red-blue” will be able to join the team only next season. However, as specified in the International football Federation (FIFA), the last word in this question remains for the Russian football Union.