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When the government decided to shut down the country to protect us against korona, was Vegard Berge Uglebakken one of the many business owners who chose to lay off employees.

But even if they laid off now could have contributed to keep their own workplace in the time, they do not have the law. So now he must shovel the snow yourself.

the Flaw in the system is that we have people who are sitting at home and waiting to be able to contribute, but we will break the law if I ask them to come to work without reporting the hours to the Nav, ” says Uglebakken.

In agriculture, the authorities have provided information about that laid off just need to sign your half of the hours they work to the Nav.

It is uncertain when the tourists once again will sit on the reinsdyrfellen to Vegard Berge Uglebakken.

Photo: Nina Flage Nilsen / NRK – Working day and night

He owns, among other hotels, the restaurant and bar in Alta, and felt that the sales collapsed when the most stringent restriction was implemented. 27 employees are laid off.

But it stops the not to snow because of it. The last week has it snowed one and a half meters in Alta. Values are at stake if we do not follow with our plants, ” says Uglebakken.

Hence, the business owner together with other owners even perform the work.

Now I wonder at how long we hold out, and bust us out then breeds throughout the korthuset. Then a whole generation of entrepreneurs to be gone.

– Illegal

LO protesting against the suggestion that the laid off to work without the employers have to pay wages.

Photo: Vidar Ruud / Scanpix

However the situation meets little understanding of the country’s biggest confederation.

– If you have available work to their employees then they should not have been laid off in the first place, ” says Peggy Hesse Følsvik, who is first deputy head of LO.

She says it is the meaning that krisepakkene Parliament on the ongoing process to cover the lost revenue for the businesses that are hit by the crisis.

– In the meantime, business owners for example, to obtain financing from banks.

LO-deputy chair warns companies against to call laid off employees to work, and believes it will be in conflict with the permitteringsloven.

– If there are any who break this law, in a situation where the Parliament has come up with a number of additional measures and ask all to be with the people, so I think this is very serious, ” says Følsvik.

– One looks ten times his perish, ” says Målfrid Baik in the confederation of Norwegian enterprise. She feels the need to make arrangements which allows employees to help out, even if they are laid off.

Photo: Moment Studio NHO want changes

Corporate organization, the confederation of Norwegian enterprise, jobs now for the rules for laid off shall be changed.

– We need to find arrangements that make it possible for the laid off to do the necessary work in the company, both to hold the liquid, but also to keep the wheels in motion. They simply do not have the revenue to pay people, ” says the regional director Målfrid Baik in the confederation of Norwegian enterprise the Arctic.

She believes such solutions also are in the employees ‘ interest.

– It does something mentally with all of us. To be in the job is a healthy thing, it is that one can contribute to something meaningful, that helps to ensure that jobs are secured, it is tremendously important, ” says Baik.


the Progress party, caught up Vegard Berge Uglebakkens nødrop from Alta. And today, the party has worked with a proposal that can get him in the face, namely, to give employees a certain obligation while they are laid off.

– simply make sure that the odd jobs of work in the various businesses are conducted, ” says the member of parliament for the progress party His Andreas Example.

And it is for ensuring values, and not least to ensure that their businesses get started again when we come over in a normal situation. We’re not talking about paid work, we’re talking about odd jobs of work in the smaller companies, ” says Example.

member of parliament for the progress party His Andreas Example, believes it needs to be opened up for obligation for laid off workers.

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