Modern constitutional reforms have become the main theme of the XV International school-workshop of young legal scholars, which some days takes place online and runs until June 5. Holds great scientific readings of the Institute of legislation and comparative law under the government of the Russian Federation.

As noted taliya khabrieva, although the amendments to the Constitution have yet to take on the national vote, they’ve actually influenced the development of Russian legislation.

“Now there is an important event in the life of the country in recent history is the adoption of an ambitious amendments to the Basic Law, says taliya khabrieva. For lawyers it is important to evaluate not only the constitutional short stories, but also how they will affect the future legal development of Russia. This is primarily related to the modernization of legislation”.

According to her, a lot of work to the legal system began to function in unison with a renewed constitutional text.

“of Course, ahead of a nationwide vote, but we see the amazing phenomenon that is already the most important amendments govern the development of the legislation”, – said the Director of the Institute of law.

She stressed that the amendments to the Constitution have already determined not only by crisis, antiastenicescoe legislation, and the legislation in General.

“the Fact that benefits are rising, it’s already the implementation of new constitutional norms. This is a very interesting legal phenomenon that we want to discuss,” she said.

the Legal community is dealing with specific issues related to the further development of legislation. This is dedicated to presentations of young scientists. Of course, the development will have all branches of law, but first and foremost, in the opinion of academician Khabrieva, will develop direction-oriented person. Amendments to the Constitution will lead to the emergence of a large volume of new legislation.

“Previously we now have conducted a study: about 100 Federal and Federal constitutional laws have to take if the vote is successful, says taliya khabrieva. – Hundreds of bylaws, charters of subjects of Federation, laws of subjects of Federation. Even purely quantitatively, the large volume of new legislation. It was associated correctly with the Constitution, it is necessary to consider everything”.

In his turn, academician Gennady Osipov said that holding the annual School-workshop of young legal scholars at the Institute of legislation and comparative law under the government of the Russian Federation has become a good tradition. “Involve young people in scientific research, the solution of actual problems is very important in helping the formation of personnel reserve for science, serves as collateral forsetuptelneg social development”, he said.

School of young scientists is dedicated to the most pressing issues and problems facing modern law. Amendments to the Constitution show the vector on which to develop the Russian society and the state. They are inextricably linked with the social reality, the transformation which is happening before our eyes.

“amending the Constitution involves the following large-scale modernization of the legislation that will inevitably affect the regulation of social relations, their further development”, – said the academician Osipov.