Gynecologist Galina Lebedeva, who has worked in Uyarskaya the hospital for 34 years, died after Contracting coronavirus because of lung disease. In the hospital she refused to make a computer tomography (CT) with the words “not fit,” said her daughter Elizabeth Lebedev edition NGS24.RU.

58-year-old Galina Lebedeva died 2 July, for the first time for medical help, she turned 21 Jun: she was prescribed antibiotics. The next day, due to the lack of improvements daughter took 58-year-old medic in the hospital.

“She wanted to do a CT scan, but she said that in CT it will not fit, need to do the. Did the said that everything is clean. No hospitalization, no one suggested,” — said the daughter.

According to her, after the commencement of sick leave they once again had to call the ambulance. Because of ill health, they were again forced to walk to the hospital, and this time the initiative to go for CT of lungs were received from staff, said Elizabeth Lebedev.

“Do say that there is almost 100% lung damage and it is necessary urgently to the intensive care unit. We all still wonder how it is on Monday she did not intermeddle in CT, and on Wednesday suddenly got!” — she exclaims.

After diagnosis it turned out that the hospital is full. According to her, the bed was, when relatives started to call the hotline for the coronavirus. Later, in her words, she made the transfer of the mother to a hospital in Krasnoyarsk, where she died a few days later.

On 3 July the Minister of health of Michael Murashko has declared that Russia from the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic has been dead for 40 doctors. He called it most correct verified information, because these cases made lump-sum payments.