One of the main innovations – the person having the permit for the possession, carrying and use of weapons or a license to purchase arms and ammunition, but not being the owner of weapons, could take a gun to rent for hunting.

When this weapon is leased, must be registered with the authorized state body. For individuals that do not have weapons owned and not planning to buy it, it is proposed to introduce a new kind of permits – a permit to carry and use weapons. The procedure assumes a standard, the same as for those wishing to purchase weapons. That is, the permission will be issued after passing a citizen the necessary training, verifying the absence of medical contraindications for possession of arms and the implementation of other stipulated by the legislation of test events. Russian citizens need a permit to carry and use weapons will be issued, as usual, for five years.

Turns out, the only difference is that one does not need to buy a gun. Decided to hunt – he took the trunk of the rental.

Therefore, I believe the developers of the document, risks to public safety are not increased. Again, a permit will incur stamp duty.

Recall, this bill was introduced in the state Duma group of deputies and senators in October 2019, and then rewritten in a new edition in February 2020. Made the deputies of the state Duma Committee on natural resources, property and land relations.

Another important innovation is the rental of weapons by foreigners, which should increase the tourist attractiveness of our country. Foreigners the term of the permit on the carrying and use of weapons it is proposed to limit to 90 days, if shorter period is not established by the contract on rendering of services, concluded by a foreign citizen with a hunting economy.

the Procedure for foreigners to obtain such permission is similar to the procedure for obtaining a permit for temporary importation of weapons into the territory of Russia for hunting. But permission will not be granted if the foreign national does not provide under the law of their country the documents in possession of firearms and the exercise of hunting.

a New bill would significantly expand the possibility of creating workshops for the repair of weapons. In particular, such services can provide specialized gun shops. In General, says the draft resolution of the government of the Russian Federation supports the bill taking into account the above comments.

Most important of them – the proposal to grant the right to temporarily transfer hunting weapons for hunting those citizens who have reached 16 years were approved. In the draft opinion of the Commission says that the proposed bill lowering the age limit for the grant of a permit on the carrying and use of weapons and the issuance of hunting ticket for persons under 16 years of age, it is impractical. Since the achievement of the specified age does not mean that the minor citizen is able to make informed decisions, to realize the nature and legality or wrongfulness of their actions or omissions, for them to bear legal responsibility. While in our country to own smooth-bore hunting weapons can be 18 years old. And the so-called traumatic weapons – 21.

has Not received the approval of the Commission and the proposal to increase the authorized number of hunting guns with 10 to 20 units.

in Addition, the government propose to clarify the provisions of article about the transfer of weapons and the grounds for refusal to issue a permit for the carrying and use of weapons to foreign nationals.