In 2016 created sølvreven Ingrid huge commitment when NRK told how she used to train dogs. She sat in a cage inside a artificial hi while dogs trained to find her.

Dyrevernerne thought that this stressed out the fox so much that the practice should not continue, while those who ran with hitreningen believed they could prove that the fox was well taken care of and not stressed or damaged.

Terrieren Chilli exerts itself to fox hunting, and must find the living, the fox sitting at the head of the artificial den. Where to terrieren bark and say to the owner that the fox is found.

Photo: Ina-Kristin Lindin / NRK

Now Miljødirektoratet sent out a new viltforskrift that makes it clear that it is prohibited to keep wild animals for the training of the dog.

the Term venison also applies to reefs that are born in captivity.

Knut Morten Vangen, head of the Miljødirektoratet, says that this in fact has been prohibited until now, but that the regulations were not completely clear.

– that’s Why we chose now to make it absolutely clear that this is not allowed, due to animal wellbeing – that the fox must have it good, says Vangen.

The last year has been a hearing, where there has been a proposal to allow so-called hitrening, but this met strong resistance.

Parts of the hundemiljøet has defended the practice, while both the Fsa and dyrevernere has been critical.

Happy dyrevernere

For dyrevernsorganisasjonen NOAH, it is a great victory, even if they believe the laws earlier has said that this is prohibited.

the Leader of the NOAH, Siri Martinsen, is satisfied that it now becomes clear that it is illegal to keep foxes in captivity in order to let the dogs drive when practicing retrieving.

Photo: Bente Isefjær / NOAH

– Miljødirektoratet will say it has been prohibited, but the Norwegian food safety Authority has not intervened when we point out that it’s happening, ” says Siri Martinsen, who now hope the practice stops completely.

After the NRK know to have been training with a dog and a living reef in the artificial dens at eight sites around the country.

Have waited for a decision

Norsk Terrier Klub has previously called for clear guidelines. The leader of the hikomiteen in Frogn, Lena Kjempengren, tells us that the last year has not powered with such training in anticipation of a clarification.

From 1. april of this year there should be no doubt that it is forbidden to leave Ingrid to sit and wait for the dogs to find her.

Photo: Ina-Kristin Lindin / NRK

For us this is a bad news. Now it turned a dash of this and no one has talked with us during the consultation round. They have chosen to listen to statements from people who have been and seen how this works, ” she says.

She estimates that there are around ten foxes here in the land that has been used to training in this way. She doesn’t think it will be opened to some exceptions, and thus they must find other ways to train dogs on.

– It is more difficult to give the dogs experience and to find out if they are suitable to be used in breeding without to work out as we have done, ” says Kjempengren.