a week ago launched the government of India (the largest lockdown in the entire world.

Public transport was suspended, more or less, all shops closed and the country’s nearly 1.4 billion people were told to stay at home.

the state of Emergency is intended to prevent coronavirussen in that spread, but another positive effect has already shown itself also to have.

Usually there is a heavy and gray anti-pollution blanket over the indian cities, which most of all reminds of it, we danes are experiencing, when there is fog at home.

In a city like Delhi for instance, it is the exhaust from the traffic, which mixes with the smoke from the burning of fields in the surounding states.

But now shows pictures from the big cities, to India’s state of emergency has made the air different ready.

The typing of several foreign media, including CNN.

the Number of discharges of co2 also shows how to ago lockdownen have seen much better numbers than in a long time.

The same is the case in relation to the degree of ‘air quality’, where a city like Delhi – according to CNN – has seen a fourfold increase in the quality after the 22. march, where lockdownen began.

And take a look at any of the satellite imagery, such as NASA publisher, it is also obvious that the pollution is quite different in India these days.

India is not the only place in the world where coronavirussen have had positive effects on everything from pollution to wildlife.

B. T. wrote earlier in march the history of Venice suddenly clear channels and a huge satellite image from China.