N-VA-president Bart De Wever to help with household chores, but it is the weekend nearly as bad past. His wife was a broken ruggenwervel to the hospital.

“We do have a cleaning lady who is already a bit older,” he said to The Weaver, sat night in George late last night, at Four years old. “It is not the responsibility of that now.” So, brush up him and his wife.

“I had a staircase, polished, but a little too well, apparently.” His wife, Veerle Hegge slid off the road and fell down. “I thought she was dead,” said The Weaver. They have a lot of pain and was taken to the hospital. “But it seems to have come good,” said the politician. Hegge is now back at home in order to repair it.

Weaver also said that there are already 4,600) and fines are issued in Antwerp, belgium. “They are trying their best to do so, and the rules aren’t too strict, but it should be viable to continue. For some people, it means ” stay in your room’ is really on their side. There is a lot of poverty in the city. These people must be really out of it.”

However it has also been thought that he was infected. Therefore, prior to that he had in a while, a face mask, made by his wife. Black on the outside yellow on the inside. “The color of the house,” he said. It is made of a sleeve with a filter in a vacuum cleaner, as seen on the internet.

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