Widow Kobzon was involved in history with a debt of 18 million rubles

As reported Telegram-channel Mash, 69-year-old Nelli Kobzon was involved in an unpleasant story with a debt of 18 million rubles. As it turned out, the debtors of the late Joseph Davidovich has filed a lawsuit against his widow in order to not return to the family of people’s artist of the USSR a large amount of money. In order to understand all the twists and turns, it is worth remembering the events that preceded the incident.

Recall that eleven years ago, in the distant 2009, the former assistant of the late Joseph Kobzon in the state Duma a Yefim Petrov and his wife, artist Elena Flerova, lent the singer a large sum of money, about three hundred thousand dollars. The money was supposed to go to the opening of the Museum Plerosai in Germany. Soon, however, the plans of the spouses changed: no Museum they opened, and the money Joseph Davydovich return did not.

In the end, people’s artist of USSR was forced to settle for just the Deposit obtained in the form of paintings (in total there were 141 instance). Of course not without its trials. So, Chertanovskaya court arrested three scenic casket (caskets, Approx. ed.) and 337 of the paintings as security property according to the suit.

Now, two years after the death of Joseph Kobzon, artist Elena Flerova filed a counter-suit. After the funeral of people’s artist of the USSR, the Declaration of succession none of the heirs had not filed. Therefore, debtors singer hoping to get back his belongings, hush the story with a debt of 18 million rubles.