What do you associate lifting columns with? In most cases, people mention loading and unloading equipment, adjustable beds, and other things that surround us if not constantly then at least more or less frequently. But there are not many people who really know how widely lifting columns are used.

Thus, let us check the main applications of telescopic lifting columns to see whether they are so important indeed.

Dental and Medical Treatment Equipment

Those are, probably, the most important fields of the application of the lifting column. In dental chairs, lifting columns lift the chairs and the equipment. In medical beds, these items allow patients to climb up and down a bed independently or with minimum assistance.

Another application field of lifting columns is CT scanners, MRI scanners, X-ray machines, and imaging systems. once again, lifting columns allow lowering the equipment in order to make it easier for patients to climb on it and facilitate the work of the medical staff. In general, lifting columns increase the comfort level of patients incredibly, too.

Telescopic Columns in Office Desks

Height-adjustable desks are a new trend. They not only motivate office workers to move more. These items can also help with many sitting-related health issues.

When changing from a sitting into a standing position and vice versa, an office worker can avoid muscle stiffness, issues with the back. The blood circulation to the brain improves. It, in turn, helps to eliminate and prevent migraines.

In the long run, it is believed that height-adjustable desks help in the prevention of weight gain, diabetes, and even cancer.

Lift Columns for Industrial Applications

In the industry, lift columns are applied for industrial workbenches. Instead of moving a component to work with, a specialist can lift or lower the workbench to the needed level. It not only simplifies the procedures significantly but eliminates dangers to health risk.

Lift Columns Are Irreplaceable in Robots

Robotics is impossible without linear actuators and lift columns. These elements make the robots move. Here, we mean robots of all types.

Especially useful lifting columns are in industrial lifting machines. Lift columns allow machines to adjust to the constantly changing weight and size of the objects to be loaded, transported, and unloaded. However, lift columns are also indispensable in smart collaborative robots.

Why Are Lift Columns So Important?

These components allow adjusting the item to the needed height with a single click of a button. Modern columns are easy-to-manage. They can be easily integrated with any control options. They have top positioning and movement precision. Thus, these elements can be used for the most complex tasks.

Final Thoughts

Would all the mentioned systems and components exist without lift columns and linear actuators? We believe so. Actually, they have existed before lifting columns were invented. However, the comfort of their use would be significantly lower. Another option would be to invent a mechanism that would perform the same functions as lift columns do. However, that mechanism could be more complex.

All in all, lifting columns are applied in many fields because they are easy-to-control and offer a number of benefits.