the Pandemic suddenly questioned two of the fundamental for the average American postulate – the ability of the US to world leadership and exceptionalism of the American nation. And all this happened in less than six months before the presidential election. For trump, who promised voters to restore the greatness of America, such a turn of events is a political disaster, and for American society – ideological. First, China in a very limited time frame took under control the spread of coronavirus and has already begun to restore production, whereas in the US, by contrast, there has been continuing economic decline, with unpredictable consequences.

in Other words, to manage “with small losses” with COVID-19, despite all the promises, trump did not happen. And now the future global leadership of Washington is very doubtful about it openly warn of authoritative experts around the world. No less complicated is the electoral the White house for another task: to convincingly explain to his compatriots why the “backward” Russia the death rate from mers is about ten times lower than in the United States. This fact alone clearly denies “American exceptionalism” and “America’s greatness”, and other slogans that for decades imposed on Americans. The effectiveness of the strategy trump the pandemic on this background also looks like the least controversial. And since the coronavirus one for all and publicly to declare that its kind of weaker than the us, it will look absurd step, Washington went through a proven – accused Russia and China of concealing information. For banality is a move worthy of chess “E2-E4”.

For the White house if trump does not tend to admit their mistakes, accustomed to look for the guilty side, accusing China and Russia of fraud. Beijing – that he underestimated the number of infected people. In underreporting the number of deaths. Because otherwise the team trump would make a “coming out”: to recognize that the conservation of human lives during the epidemic, Moscow was much more successful than the United States and Britain. Their government hesitated too long, someone to save, “whether the wallet, or life,” since both at the same time save did not work. Slow, inconsistent solutions in the areas of health, adopted at the initial stage of a pandemic, Washington and London (remember the plans of the Prime Minister of Britain Boris Johnson on the development of collective immunity in the population of Albion) has led to a natural result. In the United States and Britain, there was a precipitous rise in the incidence on the background of the inability of local medical resources to help all sick. But does anyone to believe that Johnson or trump publicly repent for their shortcomings and recognize the glaring deficiencies of the health systems in their countries?

Much easier, cheaper and politically safer using the media to convince the population that the low mortality in Russia is the result of fraud, incorrect calculations, not during of managerial decisions. It is impossible, inconceivable to admit that the Russian authorities had time to prepare the hospital base and equipment for a pandemic. And when patients began to arrive in significant numbers in Russia, they received timely assistance. And there were in our country situations, as in Italy, Spain, Britain or the United States, when doctors on the basis of officially accepted medical protocols, had to deal with a patient connected to a ventilator, and who immediately denied the right to life because of the ventilator on all critically ill is not enough.

the horror facing Western health care during the pandemic, European and American media repeatedly reported. As, however, they wrote about the large-scale mortality in nursing homes, whose inhabitants are in the US and Britain were the most vulnerable – they often sacrificed as a hopeless patient, to save those who had a chance to get out. Data on deaths in such institutions in Britain and the United States, when they began to manifest, seem catastrophic.

At the Albion these figures were actually hiding until March 31. Bureau of statistics released data only may 1. Then Britain immediately surpassed the number of deaths Italy – 22.5 percent of all deaths occurred in England and Wales in nursing homes. Moreover, these statistics do not fall for unknown reasons, neither Scotland nor Northern Ireland. As posted by The Guardian on the basis of the shown head of the national office for statistics figures, “at the moment the number of deaths in nursing homes exceeds the number of deaths in hospitals”. Eight thousand elderly people died at home. They were not infected by COVID-19 – they just do not have enough capacity of the health care system Albion, which was at the time busy no residue to combat coronavirus.

Statistics on deaths from the coronavirus in the US is more uncertain than the weather in Albion. Her, as if specially made so complicated to make it difficult to obtain reliable data. Centralized statistics simply do not exist – each state leads to the estimate itself and its rules. However, the New York Times,which conducted its own calculations, says a third of deaths in America – patients and staff of nursing homes. A disproportionate amount (approximately 60 percent) of the coronavirus killed African Americans. They are denser and settle themeyut less access to health care. Of the 328 million Americans, 30 million have no health insurance. 23% of the population of the current medical insurance policy does not cover the full treatment of coronavirus. And according to the experts, reaches from 42486 to 74310 dollars. So many Americans were dying, fearing to seek medical help, because he could to pay for it. Statistics are not available, but local experts have called such a situation is extremely likely.

And now about the “basics of mathematics”, which has ignored writing about allegedly lowered the mortality figures of the Moscow statistics.

In April 2020 in Moscow has issued 11846 death certificates. Compared to April 2019 the increase was 1841 and since by April 2018 – 985. This is directly from COVID-19 in April 2020 died in Moscow 642 people.

In new York deaths from the coronavirus in April amounted to 11861 people. The total increase in mortality compared to the same period in 2019 reaches 15709 people. A similar trend is observed in London. From the coronavirus in April died 3589 people, the total increase compared to April 2019 – 5531 people.

to Talk about “the Moscow fraud” when accounting for deaths from coronavirus is absurd because such statistics are collected independently from the local authorities of the Federal system the Registrar and published monthly by Rosstat. Moscow has openly provides data on morbidity and mortality, both from COVID-19, and other reasons. Unlike, say, from new York, the official website where information about nicovideo mortality is now generally unavailable.

another important “non-mathematical” thing, which in the context of this article it is necessary to mention. Unlike the United States and Britain, where the postmortem examination is carried out for a fee, it is optional, in Russia the autopsy of the dead with a suspected coronavirus is carried out in 100 percent of cases. But, for example, in April, more than 60 percent of the deaths occurred from the apparent alternative causes (heart attacks,strokes,malignant diseases, etc.). But infectious origin has become a catalyst for rapid progression of chronic diseases and the emergence of new. In this regard, according to the doctors, if infected with coronavirus it suffered three or four other diseases, including chronic nature, from the point of view of medicine attributed his death only due to the impact of COVID-19 is incorrect. However, the journalists of the Financial Times and the New York Times intentionally and deliberately engaged in fraud such medical statistics for Moscow, first of all, in the interests of political clients.

“the Public definitely will rightly ask why the mortality rate in Britain is so high,” – says the shadow health Secretary Albion’s Jonathan Ashford is. But instead of answering this question is understandable, in the course of briefings on the coronavirus, held at Downing street, he, like other Brits, I advise you not to engage in such international comparisons. In London and Washington for months trying to reassure the public that the high mortality rate in the United States and Britain seem so only because other countries deliberately underreport their indicators. But in a pandemic this political line seems flawed and dishonest. At least because Moscow, unlike new York, the streets are not refrigerated dead from COVID-19, because to do with the corpses of nowhere – the morgue is full. According to may 15, in the United States from the coronavirus died 86912 people in the United Kingdom – 33614. This is the reality that Boris Johnson and Donald Trump as unpleasant to take.