the Outbreak of the scandal is only gaining momentum: Russian artists sent a petition to the Governor of the Rostov region with the request urgently to interfere, to take part in the fate of the elephant and as soon as possible to return it to the family, calling the act of the leadership of the circus monstrous and inhuman. The petition – signatures Elena Safonova, Anna Kovalchuk, Tatiana Lutaeva, Dmitry Pevtsov, Alexander Shirvindt, Alexander zbrueva and others: “the Process of education of females, as in humans, lasts 10 – 14 years. Throughout the civilized world does not include elephants alone. In addition, Asian elephants are endangered and European rules do not belong in zoos”.

we are Talking about the girl-the elephant, born in the capital of the don three years ago. In early July, she moved to the Big Moscow circus. “Favorite of the Rostov zoo will acquire in the capital of love and loyal fans,” promised the brothers zapashnye. But animal rights activists are sure there waiting for her, only pain and suffering.

In the Rostov zoo elephants were not more than twenty years after the death of 37-year-old favorite of visitors. 2009 was a long awaited completion. In exchange for a female polar bear to the don from Germany came a pair of young Asian elephants – a rare, endangered species listed in the Red book. For the first time in the history of the zoo the elephants started to breed. First was born a girl, and three years ago the second. The name of the 130-pound newborn was up with the whole city. It was named on the letter e, like all born in the same Year the ecology of the zoo’s animals.

From the birth of the Eiffel tower, lived in a separate room modern, purpose-built elephant enclosure with his mother Sinti and older sister.

In may, the don, the zoo on his official page in Instagram news: he joined the European Association of zoos and aquariums (ЕАZA). Before that, in early March, the don came screening ЕАZA Commission, in order to ensure that the zoo complies with all international standards and requirements. Representatives from the UK, the Netherlands and Russia praised the transformation at the zoo in recent years and confirmed the correct direction of development of enterprises.

But when July came the news that the little favourite of visitors of the Rostov elephant went out to conquer the circus arena, it caused a great public outcry.

One of the first condemned the actions of the zoo Director of the Russian center for protection of animal rights “Vita”, on the site of which appeared for the prosecution. Also published an open letter to the President of the Euro-Asian regional Association of zoos and aquariums with a request to influence the situation and return the elephant to native land: “Asian elephants are listed, and��caseosa species and European rules don’t belong in zoos. Zoos, in turn, can not decide their fate. Permission to move these animals is the prerogative of the international curator from the Netherlands. And such permission was not obtained”.

Members of an international organization EAZA felt that such an act is contrary to all norms and rules of treatment of animals, and condemned the Director of the Rostov zoo. Demanded the return of the elephant family. According to experts on Asian elephants, to transport the female elephants only with other females, in addition, elephants under five years cannot be separated from its mother. And generally does the right of the head of the zoo animals to dispose of red in its sole discretion, even if born already in the assigned budget for the institution?

because of the scandal, many have forgotten that pushed the management of the zoo to sell the elephant. As it turned out the pet was a necessary measure.

According to the Director of the Rostov zoo of Alexander Zhadobin, for the younger the animal at the elephant house simply no room, and in one cage could not be father and daughter. “Plus, according to the new rules of content elephants, each animal requires more space, which our elephant has no”.

– We constantly received offers from circuses which work with animals. Six months of a baby elephant wanted to take an Italian circus, but was rebuffed. Of course, due to the age of the baby, and also due to the fact that the circus toured and didn’t have a permanent site. The great Moscow circus – the second largest in the world, it runs stationary, and I was promised that the Eiffel tower will be street and warm enclosure. I trust this circus. There are the best conditions for our elephant.

Director of the zoo thinks that the rules are not violated: the école has more than a year is powered independently, and to separate the young family of up to five years is not recommended, if the elephant does not eat himself and feed his mother. Plus, the contract with the circus of the elephants were concluded well before the filing of the Rostov zoo for membership in the European Association.

– Since we now know that the EAZA recommends no sale of baby elephants to do so in the future no longer be – promised Alexander Zhadobin.

And most importantly, return the elephant now means to break the contract, and in this case, you will have to pay a penalty.

– During a pandemic, the zoo was closed for three months. We have nothing to feed the animals, even the townspeople fed them during the period of quarantine, – the Director worries. Now the forage is left for six weeks. We need to think about survival, what kind of compensation can we talk? The elephant will remain in the circus!

And what about the Eiffel tower? In the circus of Rostov Ecole shiftssludge name. Now she is Nicole. She has a private pool, a separate comfortable apartments and constant communication with people. General Director of the Bolshoi Moscow circus Edgard Zapashny publishes funny video of the new inmates.

the Correspondent of “RG” contacted Edgard Zapashny. From comments he refused.

“I don’t want this topic to talk about!” – said, as cut, Zapashny and sent back… the statement of the Austrian psychiatrist, Creator of the method of existential psychoanalysis of Viktor Frankl: “Psychiatrists are well familiar with the typical syndrome of accelerated mental and physical wear and tear associated with the release of a person to a pension, the signs of aging in this case occur with amazing rapidity. A similar phenomenon occurs in animals: trained circus animals forced to constantly engage in “tasks” that it puts people live much longer than their counterparts, members of the same species that are in zoos and don’t have any classes.”