Why the champion of Russia on basketball 2019/20 have to admit BC

“Given the globally evolving situation with the spread COVID-19, the championship was supposed to stop, – said the President of PBC “Lokomotiv-Kuban” (Krasnodar), the former player of Russian national team Andrey Vedishchev. – The priority is the health of players, fans, employees, teams, judges, staff – all involved in the matches, including their families. Yes, it will remain a sense of incompleteness, because professional sports is, first and foremost, the results. But today we all first encountered the force majeure. Therefore, all our ambitions, dreams and desires, we associate the following season. In the meantime, in the world, in all countries, the situation has stabilized. And it depends on each of us personally.”

Photo: iStock United Basketball League has announced the early completion of the season

On the understatement will be discussed separately. Indeed, the United League has decided not to determine the League champion. Being, in essence, a commercial organization, it has such right. Moreover, in favour of the relevant decisions, there are serious arguments.

As noted by the Director-General of the League, multiple European champion in the Russian national team of Ilona Korstin, “not complied with the principle of sport: the teams have played different number of matches, the regular season was not completed. The Cup Sergei Belov (Olympic champion in Munich-1972 – approx. ed.) this season will not be played”.

Another thing, the title of champion of Russia. According to the contract with the Russian basketball Federation (RBF), the championship is held under the auspices of the League, and the final classification is determined based on the results of the performance of local clubs in season. And then the innuendo can not be. According to the law of the RBF must approve the results of the championship of Russia and to provide them to the Ministry.

the President of RBF Andrei Kirilenko has said that the process will take time: “the League will give us the final classification for a statement, we will convene the Executive Committee and approve it. Haste shouldn’t be here”.

Photo: vtb-league.com How basketball United League fills the pause in the championship

In this situation, logically, if the results will be announced on the basis of the current position of the teams in the regular season. So, for example, arrived in Lithuania, where the champion in the 22-th time became Zalgiris Kaunas. Or in Poland, where the title prematurely got “Zielona Gora”. Moreover, in the case there is every reason to follow a similar path. In the regular season they are going to play three quarters of the matches, in other words, you have already passed a respectable distance. As for the champion, if they are found to “Khimki” confidently in the lead in the regular season at the time of stop of the season, no one questions arise on idea should not.

From the nearest pursuer, which is the CSKA Moscow, Khimki pulled away for a distance of three victories: a significant advantage, which is unlikely to be able to eliminate for the remainder of the championship. Besides, wards Rimas Kurtinaitis already have a very convincing victory over the main competitor (96:80).

Therefore, understandable emotions of one of the leaders of “Khimki” Yannis Timmy, straightforward to speak on the subject in social networks: “I Want to say that you can’t just throw this season. We understand the situation, but if someone is afraid to say so publicly, it is not me. Congratulations to the family of Khimki fans, owners and those who supported us. It was a great season, we showed that we deserved the championship”.

Photo: VTB League / flickr.com “Khimki” strengthened leadership in the basketball United League

the Position of the club in this matter isn’t much different. “In a force majeure situation when we just have to finish the championship, I think that the current table and should become final. There is no other option. It is important to capture the results of the championship, because on their basis will be selected for the competition, without this it would not be clear where someone should play,” – said General Director BK “Khimki” (Moscow region), Pavel Astakhov. By the way, he also during his playing career, as Andrey Vedishchev, held a series of matches for our national team.

the piquancy of the situation lies in the fact that in the history of Russian basketball Champions of Russia became only two teams – CSKA and Perm “Ural-great”. Moreover, the team did not give a title starting with the season 2002/2003 and probably unlikely to want their series came to an end in this way. The President of army club Andrey Vatutin, by the way, has already spoken about the “paper champion”. Another thing is that to remain in history, in the same directories the champion of the country – an important and honorable thing, and, in the current circumstances, CSKA, certainly, would like to be on the site of “Khimki”.