Why Russian big sport is not so bad

Who is to blame? Many who Russia always disliked, and now have the chance not only to cut off the finger but the arm at the elbow.

Photo: ROC the Russians have won the 202 Olympic Committee Tokyo 2020

Not doing anything for us only or hung, we must honestly admit: a good reason for the persecution we gave it voluntarily. And when, as was told to me in early February, the first among all the Muslim women in the Olympic champion from Morocco, IOC Executive Board member Nawal El Moutawakel, our well-wishers hoped for the restoration of the Russian athletics Federation, and therefore athletes in their well-deserved rights of wfla in the headquarters of the world athletics in Monaco came an inexplicable lie. Now former leaders of the Federation have made a hopeless attempt to “launder” the young jumper Danil Lysenko who violate the athletic code of honor. And hopes for recovery in the temporarily vanished.

a Beautiful gesture

would be very bad if it were not committed by the Russians in our days things are quite different, the noblest kind. And most often the case pulled us to the ground for Sochi. But it was there, at the Olympic games, the leaders of the Russian sports delegation has made an unprecedented long time for the Olympics, the gesture in the spirit of fair play. When opponents of the Germans broke their machine for ski preparation for their skiers and biathletes (and the Germans technique happens to fail), they immediately appealed to his friends from Austria. And immediately got rejected. And our instantly, even to the detriment of themselves, borrowed the car, set up, helped to show good results.

This passed relatively unnoticed in the turmoil of the Olympic gesture of fair play reminded me of the conduct of the great Italian bobsledder Eugenio Monti loaned at the winter Games 1964 the item from your bean coming second to the British. It is a beat.

Photo: Alexander vilf / RIA Novosti the coach of the Norwegian biathlon stood up for Loginov

For me, Monty idol, the first winner of the award of fair play, his photo decades on my desktop. My American colleagues on the International Committee of fair play shake their heads: so this was in the era of Amateur sports for the medals then were not paid. Now Olympic is a battle for the medals the same dollars. Anything like that will not see. But we saw the action of our and at the Olympics in Sochi and at the World beach games.

do Not blame the naivety, the gullibility. While Russians make such gestures, for me, I hope, and not only, all is not lost. Left the winning spirit and compassion for those in trouble rivals. Not enemies, namely colleagues, friends.

Maybe sometimes forgiveness is today’s current generation logical punishment for the other sins they have not committed. Without an understanding of this great sport will not collapse, but poorer.

How was it

two on Two

filled with sports noble action of our men’s team in the new Olympic discipline of 3×3 basketball made during the match Russia – Uganda the first World beach Games in the Qatari capital Doha in October last year. Once we explain that in the 3×3 basketball on the sand not gaming, the tournament was held in the beach area of the Katara Beach, and the sport was included in the program of competitions for the kit.

When in the midst of the match with the speakers without a spare Africans one of the contestants got injured and left the area, the Russian team decided to equalize the forces continue to play two on two.

Ugandans were genuinely surprised when Russia after injury, the Africans took the game to the third player. Photo: the Olympic Committee Russiadmitriy Zimin, the head coach of our team

– First in international tournaments with the guys, we several times witnessed, when some team because of injury basketball player remained in the minority. Most often, the opponents continued to play at full strength, the three of us, on the result. One had to observe how the team played part of the match together, won three. But this is a rare case. In General, we decided that if this happens in our match, it is likely that we will continue in 2×2 format. Us closer in spirit.

Photo: Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti System VAR will work on all the RPL matches since Matchday 20

How did the match with Uganda to the injury of Africans?

Dmitry Zimin: we had a little advantage, sometimes even score. When the game continued for a 2×2 in my head for a second thought: whether we have made? It is clear that our third player still wouldn’t come back to the site, but we came to this tournament to win and lose in the group from Uganda has greatly complicated the further way.

you decided to stay together?

Dmitry Zimin: In fact, did everything together, and without saying a word. As a matter of course. According to the rules of the coach during a match does not control their players. I was on the podium next to the head of the Department of national teams of the Russian basketball Federation Oleg Ushakov. At a time when ugandICC broke down and took him away from the platform, we looked at each other. “Well, the two of us?” – “Together!”. Look at each other, if I’m not mistaken, Daniel Abramov, a gesture showing two fingers. He even waved away: the pier, so clear, the guys and without hints now remain together. An important caveat of the rules: the player can not just leave the site, our third basketball player just stood in the corner and no longer played any part in the match. Then at some point in the game for a long time was not a pause, not forbidden just change the guys sometimes, to unleash a fresh person, without actually doing the replacement, but we’ve waited until the whistle. That is, the match played to the maximum by the principle of fair play.

Who of the four guys play in this segment?

Dmitry Zimin: Abramov and Dmitry Cheburkin. By the way, they enter the circle of candidates to the national team for performance at the Olympics in Tokyo. In the end we won Uganda 14:11, came in the playoffs, and in the final beat Brazil – 21:19. Here is our full “Golden” composition: abramovskiy, Cheburkin, Vasiliy Berdnikov, Ivan Temple.

what was the reaction of Africans? I say thank you?

Dmitry Zimin: for me Personally, it was very nice, behave like Ugandans. First came their coach and head of delegation, shook hands, thanked. They and the players were genuinely surprised by the act of the national team of Russia. We all seemed in order, otherwise it is impossible to do. We Africans continued to chat in Qatar and after the tournament, they always came up to the boys, shared with them Souvenirs, took pictures together. Don’t want pathos, but the situation during the match marked the beginning of a great international friendship. Probably, this is sport – it brings people together.

Prepared Ilya Travelsky

Cstates selection

the President of RBF Andrei Kirilenko is paid to the development of 3×3 basketball special attention. And not incidentally, Russia is now in first place in the world rateOGE. It is due to this our men and women obtained the right without qualification to compete at the Olympics in 2020.