your Masturbation routine reconsider want, because you apparently do not much with pleasure, it is a good idea. To prohibition and total abstinence are you doing you no favors. So you brand of self-satisfaction only as something Bad, and the Chance is big that the pressure on your sexuality rises even more and the enjoyment is waning even more.

What you are experiencing, may or may not fit you, but it follows a clear logic: have You ever felt less and therefore the stimulus is increased. As the not more has passed, have you screwed the intensity back up, which has led, after a while, however, a habituation.

Offer your body with the self-satisfaction of stimuli that are new and refined, instead of just heavy. Experiment with fine, slow and flowing movements. Use Oil or lubricant, and do you Standing or Sitting, if you otherwise is only lying. Feel after, the feeling changed.

The Chance is not big that your body finds these new touches for the first time especially great, because they are too far away from what you know. Spreading the new stimuli, therefore, a specific, like an unknown spice that you have to get used to it. Enjoy doing what makes you Fun to demonize without it, so you learn to relish can.

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