The mother’s day was reinvented again and again – in ancient times, in the middle ages, in the American civil war, in the Nazi and post-war. He almost always served a purpose other than to honor the mothers. The Nazis, for example, motivated to women for the production of cannon fodder. And in the post-war period, the flower trade had a vital interest.

whence comes the mother’s day?

In the middle ages, the image of the selfless loving mother, Mary, was tremendously popular. This also explains the “Mothering Sunday”, the king Henry III in the 13th century. To introduced century in honor of mother Church and mother of God in England.

Because of the “Mothering Sunday” was the only day of the year on which servants were free, they visited then traditionally your parents. This made the day even for their mothers for the holiday.

The English settlers in the New world had to do first other than to celebrate, the need was there. Until 1872 women’s rights activist Julia Ward Howe called for the re-introduction. Their intention was that all mothers together to form an Anti-war movement. The Plan was to come back.

Successful Ann was only Jarvis, introduced after the death of their mother, the founder of a local moms advice motion, a mother’s day. In 1907, this was committed in the Church of their place of residence for the first time, and thanks to a persistent letter-writing campaign in 1914 by the Congress nationally.

Since when is there mother’s day in Europe?

The salvation army brought the idea back to Europe. Here, Switzerland in 1917, was the first country that started the stimulation at the Initiative of the florists.

The Nazis with their awarding the mother’s cross, popularly known as “rabbit order” – brought the mother’s day and then completely into disrepute, so that he no longer was committed in Europe, the USA and Japan for a while. His re-introduction is likely to have almost exclusively been commercial reasons.

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Our author Alexandra Fitz wonders why mothers are always right. And why children are not able to accept that as well.