The Ukrainian secret service repeatedly publishes intercepted telephone calls from Russian soldiers. In a new call, a woman asks her fighting husband if he killed children too. She has an irritating reaction to his answer.

The Ukrainian secret service has published a recorded telephone conversation between a Russian soldier and his wife. The man cannot be heard during the conversation, but the woman’s statements reveal what is going on. First, both talk about the woman’s lack of understanding of why the West supports Ukraine.

Then the conversation turns to what is happening at the front. The woman says: “Well, they want to kill you too.” And after a short pause: “Did you also kill children, Cyril? You said everyone.” The man speaks again without being heard. Then the woman says, “So? You too? Kyrill, are you serious? Why didn’t you tell me that?” And she repeats right back, “Why didn’t you tell me you killed children? Why not?”

The recording ends. The woman’s voice during the call sounds pathetic. Maybe it’s the concern for her husband and the shock of his experiences. What is not there in their reaction: Regret. Indignation. Compassion. Her only concern is why her husband didn’t tell her earlier that he kills children in the war.