Why did the police chief withdraw from criminal liability

a Policeman in a drunken state (by video) near the tavern beat feet lying citizen. It all happened under the camera of the smartphone. The video was seen by millions of viewers. Still waiting for an unambiguous assessment of the authorities. In the hinterland of the Vladimir region visited the Central TV stations, and our newspaper wrote terrible material “Fist law”. Do you think something changed? Right. And do not think.

it All started chilly in the evening in the pub “land of beer”. Two small tables stand at the bar. The TV has biathlon. Walks company, which was the head of the investigative Department of city Department of police senior Lieutenant Yevgeny Nikolaev. What they were drinking, no one checked. Maybe – clean Borjomi. And ate bird’s milk.

Here in “the pit”, which belongs respected in certain circles, citizen Mkrtchyan, S. P., and two men entered. Sergey Sukharev with each other. Ordered beer. Further readings diverge. Sukharev assured me and the effect that the senior Lieutenant Nikolaev called him to the men’s conversation. A police officer and his companions said. This is the photo in a provocative manner “led to a duel” the police officer, which is a cultural rest in the society of close friends. Perhaps the music of Vivaldi. While there, went on the telly biathlon.

Photo: Sergey Guneev/RIA Novosti SK was charged with the two generals and the Ministry of internal Affairs investigator

…These pictures etched in my memory. Wobbly Nikolaev furiously beats feet lying Sukhareva in the face. He awkwardly covers his head with his hands. From zeal Nikolaev loses his balance and falls. But rises again and hits it. Removed all buddy Alexander, who later, when he was discovered, fled.

If not this entry caught to reporters, then perhaps nothing would have happened. At the Sukharev abrasion on his forehead from the Shoe Nikolaev yeah a black eye. Would come the next day Nikolaev, apologized, would have invited in the same tavern.

But Nikolaev has behaved differently. When the crew of “Duty of” from Moscow tried to interview him, he locked himself in a fancy jeep, and I called the police, who fined the capital’s journalists for a thousand rubles, thereby defying the law on mass media. Iniquity? No doubt. Even the Union of journalists of Russia has made on this occasion a special statement. But in a strange way posky it went unnoticed.

– I know Yevgeny Nikolayev, says independent Yuryev-Polish journalist Sergei Trubin. His career took off like a rocket. Twenty-five years to become chief of investigation Department! And it’s simple: his wife is an employee of our prosecutors. Father-in-law is the judge of garrison court. And my mother is one of the richest entrepreneurs of the city – trades in the field of building materials. Did you see the Villa in which they live Nikolaevy? This is one of the most beautiful and richest buildings of Yuriev-Polsky, except for the Kremlin. We have so called Nikolaeva – “major”. Remember how Yuri Shevchuk in the song? I was talking to a police officer. He confidently said that him in the Nikolaev’d from the bodies retroactively. And Nikolaev probably get away with it…

As the water looked the unnamed employee. Ended a probe into the incident. In a criminal case is denied.

Photo: vesti.ru “You know who we are? I am an employee!” In Moscow taxi driver was beaten for the comment

I’m not defending Sergei Sukharev. The city about him go impartial information. Been convicted for drugs, but for large families was given probation. Mnojesto “of administration”. In a fight he was stabbed with a knife. By the way, Nikolaev investigated this case and arrested the attacker at the Sukharev bully. It is also possible that they felt each other personal animosity, but such, “I can not eat that”. Besides, according to mother Sukharev, Sergei waved two shots of vodka before you go to Pivnyak.

But, on the other hand, Sukharev construction foreman. A month and a half ago, he was born the fifth child. So feeding the family is hard.

I just want justice, said Sukharev. – And go to the end. But probably then have to move out of Yuriev-Polsky. Here such do not forgive.

But, it seems, Sukharev will have to move out alone and in places not so remote. Even before the incident at the beer house to the Brigadier were officers of the law. Sukharev, as he says, attempted to resist the lawlessness. Now the police filmed this counter on the phone. Now he is on trial for resisting police. The meeting on April 12.

When checked, Sukharev he wrote a letter to him, I checked on the lie detector. And asked for another test on the same device all the witnesses Nikolaev – his four friends, who are a cultural rest, and the host of the “shithole” Mr. Mccroan. After all, they all with one voice claimed this car in the great snipe drunk pulled almost a breast cultural Nikolaev, and he simply was forced to restore order, using the officer’s shoes. I deliberately use the word “cultural” because the testimony of the friends of Nikolaev abound in this word. On the contrary, the actions of the Sukharev is depicted in black tones. But the statement Sukhareva about the lie detector was shelved. And examination of the video so no one has. Therefore, to argue that Nikolaev was staggering drunk, do not dare. And that car was also “too high”. Why he went to take a beating only a few days after the incident. As if there were rocks the whole country live. As was the usual men’s conflict on the basis of hostile relations. But if there is a “hooligan”, it is not to avoid the Nikolaev criminal liability. And so met man to man.

In Kamchatka for fraud and theft will be tried former police

Here’s how it turns out: in an ordinary drunken fight outside the beer-hall affected the whole spectrum of the complex world under the name of a Russian province. Untouchable majors and profligate, who feed five mouths. Golden jeep, which guards salute, and rubber boots, reeking of manure. A passionate desire for truth and an unconscious fear of the authorities. And live.

But enough poetry. Let’s talk about the officers ‘ shoes. Although Nikolaev they were probably Italian leather and purchased at the px. Let’s obstreperous from the personality Sukhareva, which is not sugar. Let’s talk about the officer’s honor, as corny as it may sound. There, in a muddy puddle carting her senior Lieutenant Yevgeny Nikolaev. Carting and did not even notice how. Must have been drunk. Otherwise, immediately wrote a report. Would remove the straps and went to the warehouse to his mother ship the toilets. Do those officers. But not in Sochi. If you’re major, then circle all – God’s dew. Dusted himself off and walked up the ladder.

P. S. We contacted the lawyer Sergei Sukharev Daria Afanasyeva. Here is what she said:

– the Decision about refusal in excitation of criminal case are considered illegal. In my opinion, there are signs of criminal acts against my client. Of course, we will appeal this decision in due time.