including in the women’s super League 1, where the strongest by far is BK “Rostov-don-southern Federal University” under the guidance of the head coach Dmitry Fedoseyev.

In the tournament in the top division of the women’s super League involving 12 teams. They are after the games in four rounds in the regular season was to hold the playoffs in which the title would be contested by eight of the strongest. And the final stage was planned in an attractive format “Final four”. However, the pandemic is in the early stages of the competition stopped. The last scheduled match held on March 18.

the Most remarkable thing that the leaders of BK “Rostov-don-southern Federal University” and “Dynamo farm” (Kursk) played all 44 games of the regular season. Rostovite ahead of main rival in the five victories. Therefore, no double interpretations here and can not be. Exactly as with the “silver” competition the Kursk players ‘ who are in second place were already out of reach for a dispute over the third position of the “Neftyanik” (Omsk region) and Syktyvkar “Nicky”.

In the last time “Rostov-don-southern Federal University”, created in 2006, clearly dominates in the super League. The team became champion three times already in 2014, 2018 and 2019. The success of the team largely due to the fact that the position of the General Director – the Olympic champion of Barcelona of 1992 in the United Team (actually the team of the CIS), former player of the national team of Belarus, Minsk “Horizon”, Polish “Olimpia” (Warsaw) and Moscow “Dynamo” Elena shvaibovich. Basically it was her efforts in Rostov-on-don, and was re-established women’s team masters. Recall that in the early 1990s in the Highest League (it was the first grade division of the championship of Russia) participated in “TESMO-don”, which has periodically challenged the leaders.

after Completing his illustrious playing career in 2000 with the rank of three-time champion of Russia, Elena shvaibovich (Xenic) moved from the capital to the don land as her husband joined the leadership of the men’s club “Lokomotiv-Rostov”, and later moved to Krasnodar. In Rostov-on-don and showed remarkable organizational ability shvaibovich outside basketball courts. She became one of the founders and perhaps the main mastermind behind the creation of new teams. Subsequently to the original name of “Rostov-don” has added the abbreviation yufu, the southern Federal University. Shvaibovich, by the way, he also headed the basketball Federation in Rostov region.

Last season was for BK “Rostov-don-yufu” special. And not because of another potential title winner in the super League. For the first time in a very long time, since the mid-1990s, a player of the member of the second of the Premier League, was invited to our women’s national team and even made in the form of the main team of the country at the official level. The leader and the best bombarde��R (the average of 17.3 points per game) of rostovchanam Anna Zaytseva has played in the qualifying round of the European championship in 2021.

the Position of teams in the championship women’s super League 1

1. “Rostov-don-southern Federal University” (Rostov-on-don) – 39 wins – 5 losses;

2. “Dynamo farm” (Kursk) – 34-10;

3. “Neftyanik” (Omsk region) – 31-11;

4. “Nick” (Syktyvkar) – 30-10;

5. Kazanochka (Kazan) – 20-22;

6. “Spartak” (St.-Petersburg) – 20-22;

7. IBA-2 (Moscow) – 19-23;

8. “Stavropolchanka-SKFU” (Stavropol) – 19-23;

9. “Black Bears – Polytechnic University” (St. Petersburg), 13-29;

10. “Sparta & K”-2 (Vidnoe) – 12-30;

11. “UMMC-Junior” (Ekaterinburg) – 9 to 33;

12. “Vologda-Chevakata” (Vologda) – 6-34.

as part of our Golden, multicultural women’s national team at the Olympics in 1992 played two pupils of the Belarusian basketball – Irina Sumnikova (Sviridenko) and Elena shvaibovich (Xenic). After the creation of the national teams of the countries of the former USSR Sumnikova played for Russia, speaking at his third and fourth Olympic games in Atlanta-1996 and Sydney-2000. Not less titled of shvaibovich not considered shameful to defend the colors of Belarus at the very far outskirts of the elite – in the qualifying round of European championship.