local Municipalities, with little or no coronabesmettingen. They do exist in the region. But, why to escape it, at this crisis, and all the rest don’t?

Just like in the Northern Italian village of Ferrera Erbognone, which until now has been spared the coronacrisis, in Herstappe, the smallest village in Flanders, no-one has tested positive for the virus. “People are here to follow the rules and you will see it barely move on the street. However, we continue to be on alert, because it can change very quickly, once it starts,” says Leon, Lowet, and the mayor of the municipality, with more than a hundred people.

“They are made of a good quality, the municipalities with less than of infections,” says virologist is in order and Marc Van Ranst. And a lot of the scientific explanation for this is that there does not need to be explained. “It’s just a rural village. Sparsely populated areas. The people living here are still a long way from each other. If it is still good to play by the rules, that is, the risk of infection is small. I don’t think that there can be no great celebrations, mass events and carnival parades are a place where the whole town has gone. And there are few or no people have returned from a skiing holiday in Austria or Northern Italy.”

on the other side of the country, the virus is not resident. Thus, it does not seem to be in ‘Bachten de Kupe’ and the surrounding area, and the area in the most western part of West-Flanders, belgium, hit has to be, as is evident from the figures of the Sciensano. In the municipalities of Newport, Lo-Reninge, Koekelare, Vleteren, and People are, for example, of less than five persons are infected in a total of 28.500 people.

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No home

the Mayor is Geert Vanden Broucke (CD&V) from the Sea, it is, of course, very happy, but it doesn’t really have an explanation for it. Except for the fact that everyone is doing his best to take the measures to comply with them.

“People will have more space to walk around without being. And I don’t see that everyone else is good to follow the rules, even at the baker’s or the butcher’s,” says Lode Morlion (CD&V)., lord mayor of Lo-Reningen. “We are in the most sparsely populated municipality in Flanders, this is where you get to walk around without someone trying to come in and sit down, the people don’t have them.”

In Messines, the smallest city in Flanders, and have been to this place 2 or 3 of the people are infected. “We’re a very small country town and don’t have a home for the elderly, which may make a difference,” says mayor Sandy Evrard (Open VLD).

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