Why antiseptics in the capital are like a fine wine

the basis of the content of the vial is ethanol. Expected. Before the start of the anti-virus hype this washer is also widely sold in drugstores and hypermarkets. Bought it mostly for trips into the countryside when it’s not always possible to wash my hands. Last the cost of this antibacterial liquid, fixed in one of the largest online stores, amounted to 167 roubles. Further from online sales, he has practically disappeared, but in pharmacies there was already significantly more expensive.

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But the large price tag we saw in the nearby pharmacy? On ozon.ru among the most popular products was listed as an antibacterial and antiviral spray for hands, a liter of which costs 2,500 rubles! Many buyers say that price is just crazy, especially for such an excessive time. But customers still are. And there are those who do not sleep at night. If you order after sunset, the delivery will be faster, tell experienced Ozonовцы. They also noticed another interesting fact. Before the introduction of restrictive sanitary measures the cost of a liter bottle was only 1499 rubles. Only seven anxious days – and has strong gain. For quarantine family easily “nachiket” hands on a tidy sum.

“what can you do, – said the official representative of the manufacturer. The price of our product is directly proportional to the cost of isopropyl alcohol. This substance is 75 per cent in the composition of our product. But we do not underestimate its volume.”

why antiseptics in the capital are like a fine wine 1Infographics “RG” / Leonid Kuleshov / Sergey Babkin

But is it worth the money, if we are in forced isolation? Don’t forget that in addition to the grocery stores we are allowed to visit the coming pharmacies. And not necessarily to choose something from the window – there is only what the pharmacists is more profitable to sell. Try asking alcohol antiseptic wipes, which are aboutbychno used for injection. As it was convinced the correspondent “RG”, they are in almost every pharmaceutical division. However, not all wipes are convenient. To wipe your hands, ideal size is 11 to 12 inches. These alcohol-soaked squares will cost an average of 400 rubles per 100 pieces. In home mode, this will last a long time.

meanwhile, Muscovites are already thinking about homemade antiseptics. In a local shop at the entrance I met a friend the old woman, who went out for a couple of bottles of vodka. “Mixed with chlorhexidine – here’s the RUB,” said the neighbor. Chlorhexidine, by the way, her family (as they themselves admitted) they were a good price in a sex shop before a total closure of shops is not necessary.

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And by the way, our DIY is not far from the absolute truth. The recommendations of the world health organization, alcohol is one of the main ingredients ideal hand antiseptic. In the recipe included ethanol, 3% hydrogen peroxide and glycerol in a ratio of 20:3:1. So the list of classes in the era of home quarantine it is possible to add and family creating an antiseptic.

Those who have already tried to cook homemade antiseptic, tell the social networking that it becomes quite liquid. The consumption of it is too big. To save vital tool masters are recommended to use atomizers. At the same time in some online forums recommend with antiseptics “no steam” and just wipe your hands with vodka. Or even whiskey (shop prices on the antiseptic forcing). However, who experts claim will not help. It is very important to use a concentrated and not diluted alcohol. And even made all the rules solution can be stored spores of microorganisms. Therefore, if antiseptic made for yourself, put it on a three-day quarantine. To be in trend need to end.