mixed in the Studio of Günther Jauch on Monday evening tidy-up!

On Monday night, it was on RTL again, a lot of money. On the “Who wants to be a millionaire”chair made it this evening, among other things, Tattoo-artist Sina Warneke from Bünde in North Rhine-Westphalia.

And Sina is a real eye-catcher: Countless Tattoos adorn her body. No wonder, because after all, you yourself is a professional tattoo artist. As a Moderator Günther Jauch (63), of course, was curious: “How many Tattoos do you have, exactly?” The candidate could give no answer: “I don’t know really. Approximately from the tenth Tattoo, you stop counting. My arms is a complete image but are even now.“

Sina was the eye-catcher on Monday night and had some weird stories in the Luggage photo: TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

Speaking of the image – which had dug Günther Jauch also out: “you have taken off about 30 pounds. I’ve been here Before-and-After pictures.“ A question was burning on the nails: “If then the Tattoos were on it – then what happens with those, if you slimming?”

Sina Warneke reported then: “The looks of course always quite so plump. But for me it was not so, because I on the body fonts. That would be worse.“