After a candidate and a candidate had each fallen to 500 euros, Günther Jauch offered on Monday at “Who wants to be a millionaire?” Before the next selection round: “If you say ‘I don’t want to do this to myself’, you can still get up and to go.” Luckily, Fabienne Marco from Munich decided to stay. Otherwise the viewers would have missed one of the most unusual quiz show evenings…

The young lady was the fastest in the selection round. If “Who wants to be a millionaire?” were about academic degrees, the Munich native would be downright overqualified: a bachelor’s degree in math, one in political science, a master’s degree in politics

The audience was amused, the moderator struggled to be quick-witted and then said with a wink: “I’ve been working on my math master’s for 40 years.” When asked by Jauch whether she was more afraid of the big or small questions, Fabienne Marco replied, She is equally afraid of both “and a little bit of you”. The audience laughed, and Jauch grinned contentedly: “I’m glad, that makes it more interesting.” But we were happy too soon: In Fabienne Marco, the otherwise sovereign moderator had found an opponent who was able to turn the tables in terms of verbal superiority …

Worth 2,000 euros: “Respond to around 92 percent of the total mass of all eight planets in our solar system…?” Mercury and Venus, Earth and Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, Neptune and Uranus? “I thought Pluto isn’t a planet now,” Jauch pondered. His team wrote him a message on the display: “Pluto is a dog.” The spectators laughed, but Jauch complained: “Are they stupid! This is help!” Shortly thereafter, the editors confirmed: Pluto has been classified as a dwarf planet since 2006.

The candidate considered which joker to consult. “How do you rate the audience?” She asked the moderator. “Comme ci, comme ça, one of these two blocks is probably stupid, we just don’t know which one,” Jauch insulted those present jokingly. “Now don’t be so mean to the audience, we still need them,” warned Fabienne Marco. Jauch unperturbed: “They help you, not me.”

The telephone joker should help, but the physicist guessed: Jupiter and Neptune. There was no such answer! “Mr. Jauch, what are you actually doing here?” asked Fabienne Marco. “I don’t like the question.” The candidate pushed the 50:50 joker after it and rightly chose “Jupiter and Saturn”.

“Speaking of Pluto, do you actually wear Mickey Mouse socks?” Jauch asked. They were Harry Potter socks: Hermione on one, Dobby on the other. “I generally don’t sort my socks,” explained Fabienne Marco. And asked the moderator: “When was the last time you sorted socks … yourself?” Hardly any other candidate would have dared to ask such a critical, investigative question, so the audience was impressed – and Jauch was speechless at first. With an embarrassed grin, he said the question was too intimate for him.

The 4,000 euro question: “According to a survey from March 2022, what do only 23 percent of Germans think makes sense?” The choices were time change, working from home, speed limits on motorways, compulsory schooling. The candidate correctly chose A. “I think the wear and tear of candidates today is frightening,” explained Fabienne Marco. “That’s life,” countered Jauch and hoped: “Actually, the show should be over.” The long-awaited trumpet allowed him to take a breather from the verbal whirlwind. At least until next Monday…

Also there was the overhang candidate Jara Uloth from Hanover, who earned 32,000 euros. Steffi HeidelAltenburg in Thuringia fell to 500 euros, but took the tragedy with humor: “We’re on vacation in Cologne for a week, that’s the only reason why we even went here – that’s how the hotel is paid for.” 24-year-old Dustin Rypa from Hamburg also fell to 500 euros. He took his fate to heart much more than the candidate before him. Jauch couldn’t comfort him and he said in a grave voice: “It’s hard.”

A heated debate has been going on for days about the book and film classic “Winnetou”. Critics speak of cultural appropriation. But unlike the ARD, many broadcasters and publishers want to remain true to the cult films and books by Karl May.

The rivers are dry. The Po in Italy is just a little brook, on the Rhine ships are only allowed to sail slowly, on the Loire there is no more sailing. “The drought of the century: Are we currently experiencing our future?”, the Monday talk “Hard but fair” puts up for discussion.

The original of this post “Jauch blasphemes about “strunzduofes” audience – candidate trims him” comes from Teleschau.