Only developed at the time against Ebola preparation “Ramdevpir” shows encouraging results in the treatment of COVID-19. This opinion was expressed by chief scientific officer who Sumia Swaminathan.

“At the moment, apart from “Ramdevpir”, which showed itself in reducing hospitalizations, but not mortality, there is no other promising antiviral drugs”, – quotes the words Swaminathan RIA Novosti.

the Drug was approved in the USA for the treatment of COVID-19. He has already proved effective in the treatment of viruses SARS and MERS, which are known to be precursors COVID-19. Patients typically required a five-day course using the six vials of the medication.

meanwhile in Russia has approved two antiviral drugs. At the end of June the Ministry of health has registered the drug “Replevin”. It is similar to the Japanese “Favipiravir”, which has a broad spectrum activity against RNA-containing viruses (these include COVID-19), including influenza virus, rhinovirus, respiratory syncytial virus, as well as life-threatening viruses. “Replevin” is already the second was in Russia drug against coronavirus on the basis of favipiravir. The first was “Avidavit”.

according to RIA Novosti, at the end of may, the academician Dmitry Pushkar, said that the scheme of treatment of “Kalivia” has developed, it will occupy on average no more than a week. The drug works directly on the virus for five to six days destroys it.