The who representative in Belarus Batyr Berdichev believes that one of the main reasons for the rapid development of a pandemic coronavirus in the country is the lack of adequate measures of physical distancing of citizens. He stated this in an interview published on Friday.

"the Epidemic in Belarus and moved into a phase of local transmission of infection among the population, which requires immediate action to strengthen the measures of physical distancing. One of the efforts of the health sector at this stage is insufficient to deter and slowdown of the epidemic, he said. – Therefore, in the absence of adequate measures of physical distance, we have no reason to soon expect a change in the course of the epidemic and the treatment of it back".

He recalled that according to the Belarusian Ministry of health, Belarus has experienced a steady increase in the number of new cases COVID-19 for the last 4.5 weeks, while the growth rate of new cases is one of the highest in the who European region.

"the Development of the epidemic depends largely on the ongoing response in the country, he said. – With the current situation we most likely will have to observe further growth of new cases".

According to him, in Belarus there are efforts to increase the capacity of laboratory testing COVID-19, which clearly affects the increase of the detection of infected individuals, and this is very important for their subsequent isolation, treatment and contact tracing.

"But, even taking into account the possibilities of laboratory diagnostics of countries, Belarus has a fairly high rate in the number of cases per 1 million population, ahead of for example the Baltic States, Finland, Slovakia. All of these countries strictly adhere to measures of physical distancing that undoubtedly influenced the curbing the growth of the pandemic," he said.

In Belarus the number of people infected with coronavirus has exceeded 14 thousand people, quarantine has not been introduced. Despite warnings by the who since April 20, resumed the school April 25, the country held nationwide Saturday, preparations for the parade on the occasion of Victory Day. In these circumstances, the Republic began to act "national quarantine," many Belarusians possible to voluntarily minimize social contacts and choose a mode of self-isolation.