the Residents most affected by the coronavirus European countries want to investigate the actions of the authorities and see if anything has been done to avoid deaths from the epidemic. The initiative was made by the relatives of the dead from Covid-19 in Italy, Britain, France and Spain.

In all four cases, relatives believe that the quarantine had to be introduced before the authorities did.

450 Relatives of Britons who died of coronavirus, require immediate open hearings on the actions of the government in the fight against the pandemic. Similar proceedings, in their opinion, can save a lot of lives, as an epidemic in the UK continues due inefficiency of the authorities.

in may, the victims ‘ families in Spain have filed a lawsuit against Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, and in early June, the Paris Prosecutor’s office stated that it will review whether the government’s response to the pandemic under the articles of manslaughter and endangering the lives of the people.

In Italy, 50 relatives of the victims of the coronavirus a few days ago filed a formal complaint against the authorities, accusing them of negligence and wrong-doing in the midst of a pandemic. A collective complaint submitted to the Prosecutor of Bergamo, because, as explained by the initiator of the group, Stefano Fusco, this city has become a sad symbol of the tragedy of all of Italy.

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relatives of the dead in Italy believe in Bergamo and other major epicentres of the outbreak of coronavirus, it was necessary to impose a quarantine before the authorities did.

In Europe, the coronavirus began to spread it is from Lombardia, more than half of all deaths in Italy, the region accounts for. Only in Italy from Covid-19 died 34,1 thousand people.

on Friday, the Prosecutor will interrogate Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, as well as the Minister of internal Affairs Luciano Lamorgese and Minister of health Roberto Speranza. Conte said earlier that he has nothing to fear.

the Prosecutor of Paris, Remy ATC this week said that the reason for the investigation was the numerous appeals of citizens and stressed that it was not politically motivated. The Prosecutor will review the actions of officials taking decisions on how to respond to the outbreak.

Parisians complain that workplaces are insufficient, quickly introduced measures of social distancing, the citizens were not provided with masks and were not carried out as tests.

the Aim of the investigation will be the various government institutions that are based in Paris and thus fall within the jurisdiction of the Paris Prosecutor’s office. President Emmanuel macron has immunity from prosecution. In France in pandemic Covid-19 died more than 29 thousand people.

Relativeand the dead in Spain also believe that Pedro Sanchez and 22 of the Minister failed to react fast enough and was slow to quarantine restrictions. In Spain due coronavirus died of 27.1 thousand people.

In Britain most affected by Covid-19 in Europe — the families of the dead need to assess how the national health system (NHS) and social services were ready for a pandemic. In an official petition to open proceedings is mentioned that at the peak of the epidemic from the hospital back to the nursing home he was discharged more than 25 thousand patients, but it is unknown how many of them were carriers of the coronavirus, as it has not been tested.

the Family is the lawyer Elkan Abrahamson, who said that the hearings would be held but later. The government States that at the moment, all his attention focused on the fight against the epidemic.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, Britain ranks fifth in the world in the number of cases (292,8 thousand. man) and second in mortality (41.4 thousand). Europe is the most affected by Covid-19 country.

the Chairman of the Committee on health and welfare Jeremy hunt agreed with the plaintiffs. He called blatant the fact that no one thought to assess the risks for nursing homes.

“[the time] it was widely known that some virus are asymptomatic. Germany and Hong Kong have taken measures to protect its social institutions, as we do in the critical period of the epidemic,” said hunt.

However, the Ministry of health insist that I made the right decision at the right time.

the British authorities insist that all decisions related to the pandemic were based on the expertise of the scientific community.

But the son of one of the dead Britons Jamie brown believes that the decision to impose a lockdown in the country on March 23, was made too late. His father died in the hospital from the evening of Sunday 29 March — two and a half weeks after we went on the train to Central London.

According to brown, his father’s death could have been avoided: “I’m sure that if the lockdown was enacted earlier chance of the Pope becoming infected would be much lower.” Jamie brown is convinced that his father was killed by the Council of the government to stay home, due which they did not seek help

“it is Expected that there will be a second wave of disease, and we want to know what government intends to do when it happens”, — said the lawyer Elkan Abrahamson of.

According to him, I would like to understand what scientific expertise, which we like to refer power that lies in the basis of the decision to open schools and to remove a number of restrictions.

“sometime in the future we will have the opportunity on��to lenutsa, to perform [our actions] and to extract important lessons. But at the moment the most important thing to focus on the current situation”, — said the representative of the government.

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