On Tuesday of this week announced Susanne Kunz (40) that emits the Moderation of the “1 against 100” to the end of the year. The from Berne wants to concentrate on her acting career. Your successor wants to communicate SRF at a later date.

Behind the Scenes, but are traded already possible names. So those of Kiki Maeder (38) seen as a Sidekick in “Happy Day”. Their choice would bring them out of the shadow of the cross figure Röbi Koller (61). Also often called: the multi-talented Viola Tami (38), which would have earned in addition to individual shows, such as “Hello Again!” a long time a greater platform.

Jennifer Bosshard: Sweet bird of youth

Jennifer Bosshard (25) in the case of “Glanz & Gloria” from the booth to the crowd favorite. The People Format, however, is in a state of upheaval, such as the SRF announced last week. Best opportunity for the multi-faceted beauty, to make a next step.

Something worse it looks on the men front. Here in the race: the radio man, Michel Birri (32) with its TV excursions (“I ask for?”, “Swiss Music Awards”) has not shown that he would be a change averse. Free capacity Dani Fohrler (51) and Sven Epiney (47). Predestined René Rindlisbacher (55), the Kunz case of “1 vs 100 would also be” while your baby break replaced.

Anna Maier as a classic Déjà-vu?

the most obvious occupation by Anna Maier (41), which would be a Déjà-vu would be the same. In 2005, the eloquent from Zurich, Kunz, who took up the quiz show, “the Eiger, Mönch & Kunz”, mutated to “Eiger, Mönch and Maier”. In 2007, the then Sat.1-chief Roger Schwawinksi (73) Maier to Germany, and later, she returned gradually to Switzerland and to the SRF. Most recently, she convinced the Sechseläuten parade.

SRF wants to for the time being, receives the “1 against 100” hold on

But no matter who the award: The legacy weighs heavy, because the audience connects to the broadcast strongly with the concise Susanne Kunz. Add to that the “1 against 100” is getting on in years and as a discontinued model.

The Dutch Endemol group developed the Format was in Switzerland over ten years ago on 1. September 2008, on consignment. But in the new Era of Director Nathalie Wappler (51) SRF hold for the time being, and on the Quiz Monday. The first episode with the new Moderation is on the 6. January 2020, 20.05 PM, scheduled.