“And now what? Washington said – and the point of the matter is the Europeans to fulfill. To promote its own interests, America was ready to strangle Europe. Want to continue to maintain allied relations within NATO – pay,” – said Venediktov. According to him, the Europeans finally realized who the master is, the US simultaneously destroy such agreements as the Treaty on elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range and the open skies Treaty, which directly affects European security. In addition, States are doing everything they can to make Europe not received cheap gas “Northern stream-2”.

“TRANS-Atlantic solidarity? But what kind of solidarity is to require the partner to destroy their own people. Allied relations? Is not very similar,” said Deputy Secretary of the Russian security Council.

as an example, he cited the Germans, who for decades regularly paid for the maintenance of US troop levels on their land, but did not want to increase the military budget to buy U.S. weapons. As a result, the White house immediately instructed the withdrawal of troops. However, as noted by the representative of the security Council, Poland at the same time declared that is ready to accept troops – say, she is the closest to Russia and in this regard calls itself the “frontline state”. But what happened in the end – “the US part of the contingent returned home, and the rest transferred to Belgium and Italy. And Warsaw was left with nothing. Here’s to you and ally,” said Venediktov.

In his opinion, do not look for any logic in this. Just the Americans wanted, they now see their interests. Tomorrow they’ll see them from a different angle, and will sound new demands and ultimatums.

“frankly, this is the strategy of bull in a China shop, – said Deputy Secretary of the Russian security Council. – To declare that all agreements and institutions by default are designed to serve Washington and to protect his interests, and if not demolished them.” For example, if the WTO does not want to solve trade disputes as beneficial to the Americans, it must break up. If who dares not to support the ridiculous accusations against China in the spread of COVID-19, so that it is not needed. Tomorrow these organizations will be others, and there to UN close – already there is talk that it should be reformed in a more “us-centered” manner.

I Walked the Deputy Secretary of the security Council and anti-Russian policy in London. According to him, the British authorities think of bygone days when their country ruled half the world. “That’s only when Queen Victoria hardly anyone in London could imagine that the Americans will straighten out Britain for cooperation with “Huawei”, – said Venediktov.

And recalled that in earlier times the United Kingdom pursued a policy of “brilliant isolation” knowingly, emphasizing their privileged status in relation to other Europeans. Now, against the background frankly short-sighted solutions “broksita” London was in isolation are not very brilliant properties, but rather a forced and extremely painful. And trying to justify it by all means.

“Look at the findings of the report on the intervention of the security services. The authors write that in the referendum on “broksita” Russia did not intervene, but in the referendum in Scotland intervened. Probably because the first London was needed, and the second – no,” – said the representative of the Russian security Council. Although, he said, to write off their political failures, even the toughest, the “hand of Moscow” – has been common practice in London.

for Example, the British foreign Raab in early July, was submitted to the Parliament the act on penalties in connection with violations of human rights. Spent act by local standards, just like lightning, two hours, and imposed restriction of 25 Russians, and citizens of Myanmar, North Korea and Saudi Arabia in the queue now China. Although this move is generally no one noticed. Apparently, this sham is only needed by the British, who want to show that we can impose sanctions on their own, and not only in relation to the US or the EU.

“can’t the Brits can understand that in the modern world, the meaning of the sanctions, especially against major powers, almost none. So in making the London of the sanctions package can only see the desire to assert themselves, once again, to say that it may still seem a significant international player,” said Alexander Venediktov.

by the Way, Washington its report on global human rights violations presented a month earlier. About bullying, which in military bases and secret CIA prisons exposed people, often kidnapped by the Americans, is not a word.

as for the possible weakening of international tension in postpandemic period, that, in the opinion of the representative of the Russian security Council, is little hope. Rather, the system players will be more active in the international arena, seeking to achieve for themselves the best positions. According to him, it can be seen already on the example of the same Libya or Venezuela, oil resources which the West is trying to take over, not even hiding it. Or the story of 30 tons of gold, which the Venezuelan government had previously sent for storage in London, and now it is, in fact, expropriated in favor of the opposition.

“Today we are witnessing a global transformation that is used by individual players for the demolition of the old rules and agreements”, – summed up Alexander Venediktov.