Volunteer Goran Ciric, who fought for the “Russian world” in DNR, is on the verge of life and death in Rostov prison, his wife Lily from Donetsk, calling for help. “The husband is sitting in jail. He denied light. Air in the chamber is not enough, he’s choking… He could die any minute… He came to defend “Russian world” and ended up in Rostov prison,” says root donchanka Lily Ciric, whose Serbian name.

Her husband Goran Ciric volunteer, fought for the Donbass in 2015. They met and married in that war. At the request of Serbia, Russia is going to extradite Goran Cirica to trial.

If Goran, of course, will live up to this.

“the State is deteriorating day by day, barely holding back tears wife. — As we neither requested, the medications in jail they won’t deliver. He’s exhausted, he’s all sick. Since August of last year the husband is behind bars, evidence that he really did what he is accused of, I’m scared, I’m scared that he will come”.

Why Serb Goran Ciric went to war? To understand this, his motives, need to get back on almost half a century ago.

the Heart of the Serbs

In the village of Gornji Odrowaz in the South of Serbia is grave. Here is buried the heart of Colonel Nikolay Raevsky. The grandson of the famous General who fought against Napoleon, Nicholas was the prototype of count Vronsky in the novel “Anna Karenina”. In August 1876 he arrived in Serbia to rescue the brothers of the Serbs from the Turkish yoke. There were more than three thousand Russians who are not all the same.

On the banks of the southern Morava in 13 days Raevsky was killed. In the place of his death in the early twentieth century built the Church of the Holy Trinity. He still stands under the shadow of the lime trees, surrounded by a wrought-iron openwork fence — as the memory of Russian volunteers, remaining forever in the Balkans.

In the 90 years of hard, twentieth century Russian came back here again. Radio station “Freedom” called the figure of five thousand people. Those who fought with them side by side, confident that the new volunteers were more than a few hundred. But everyone fought for ten. The forces of “White wolves”, “Royal wolves”.

15 Oct ‘ 94 when the assault Mosebacke brdo death of the brave fallen Roman Malyshev, the high nosography guy. A few days before he was killed by his namesake Peter.

In April of 95 in Sarajevo killed a Pretzel, he — Valery Gavrilin. Fought in the Serbian artillery, participated in the storming of Igman, fought at goražde…All repeats. Again, again and again.

When 2014 started the war in the South-East of Ukraine, at the same time similar and not similar to one another, tore the former Yugoslavia into pieces, dozens of Serbs on their own, too, went to the Donbass. As they sincerely believed, to save our common “Russian world”.

Goran Ciric was one of those who made the choice. “He himself, they sayAdam, fought together with the Russians. He saw the atrocities that were happening in his homeland when the enemy came into the village, killed women, children… He remembered the bombing of Yugoslavia. He was not able to stay away from what is happening already with us — in the Donbass. Did not receive any money for it, came at the call of the heart,” explains Lily.

In Donetsk, the Republic Goran traveled a circuitous route through Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia.

the summer of 2015, he served in the international brigade “tag”, took part in the battles of Mariinka and Debaltsevo. “Under Debaltsevo, he was brought with bilateral pleural pneumonia, with the initial stage of tuberculosis. As it turned out, during the fight, drank water from the river and, obviously, there is contracted — continues wife. — X-ray showed caseosa pleura. It is also called tuberculomas. Life held in the balance. Against this background has developed asthma third degree. One of the lungs, the left, the result ceased to function entirely.”

In the battle of Marinka Goran Ciric and had a concussion that made itself known late complication of ear. He continued to serve and was treated, but health was really bad. Hard to breathe, hard to walk. Moved to another unit, however, it soon became clear that his war was over.

she was Left — Lily. Donetsk humble teacher, with commendations and certificates of merit, with teaching experience of 23 years.

She, too, dreamed of a “Russian spring”: “events For me at home… I have experienced through myself, through my soul, we met with Goran, our views coincided, did not think long and decided to sign”.

On the wedding the groom was dressed in camouflage, the bride in a lilac dress with a light white scarf on her head. Both are very serious. I would like to say that since then they never parted. But it is not.

Ordered to give

“Goran is very kind. Even when he was seriously ill, you still tried to help people, orphans candy bought them myself and taken. Once a friend asked me to go with him to Russia, had to help to overtake the car. At the border checkpoint “Uspenka”, her husband was detained by Russian border guards, said that on request of Serbia”, Lily stops.

It happened in August last year. Goran reported that he was wanted at home, he allegedly prosecuted for “complicity in the fraud committed using his official position.” He was arrested and placed in SIZO-1 of the city of Rostov-on-don.

despite the fact that the man is already five years did not leave the NPT, and to find him, the Serbs began only in 2019. Prior to that no claims to it was not.

I Must say that Goran is not the first nor the last citizen of another state who fought for the DNR or LNR, but is now considered Prestupinikim at home. Ukrainian security services have repeatedly instituted criminal proceedings for serious charges against the former volunteers of Donbass. They demanded to extradite as terrorists, members of illegal armed gangs. Many countries in fact support these requirements. In each state there are articles of the criminal code for separatism and the mercenary. No government wants such idealists as Goran Ciric, remained at large and moved around the world as they please, defended the truth.

thus, the former militiaman of DNR Alexander Bezrukov, a citizen of Kazakhstan, a few years ago sent home. There he received 20 years in prison.

In April of this year were issued to Kazakhstan, another former militiaman Evgeny Shcherbakov. He fought in the DNI in the years 2014-2017 in the battalion “Sparta”. Then moved to Russia, but despite repeated appeals to our officials with a request for temporary asylum was denied. Russia extradited Yevgeniya Scherbak to his homeland, where he was also accused of participation in foreign armed conflicts. He was sentenced to 4.5 years.

Before still smoldered some hope that Russia does not hand over his. After all once managed to defend militia Anton Larkin, Nicholas Tregub, Sergei Sapozhnikov… Tens of people!

Over time, Ukraine and Europe have realized that the scheme of recognition of ex-militia terrorists most often do not work, therefore the game has changed. No politics — now the volunteers face time for ordinary domestic crimes. Reason to protect them from the authorities of the Russian Federation is no more. To understand in detail who and what is require to issue — on the ground all the more interesting. The details of criminal cases, whether they are real or fabricated, judges don’t get bogged down. There are requirements Interpol — so there will be extradited.

“My husband is accused of complicity in the fraud with use of official position. But he was never in Serbia official or businessman, he worked ordinary bartender, ‘ says Lily. — The last five years he did not leave the Donetsk — at first fought, then were treated. He was even in Russia during that time never visited”.

As the wife of a Decembrist, she immediately rushed to the Russian side to understand — for what? Why?

No information. Need to give, period. “I feel bad, because I disabled, but did all the legwork in Rostov — nobody explains it. Was the district Prosecutor’s office, in the regional, trying to learn something, but they themselves apparently do not know or not telling me. Although, as I understand it, no evidence against him, not even the wording of the article, in which he want to be judged, changed hands several times here in Russia, for the last ten months that he arrested, he was not interrogated”.

Lily tells how several years ago her husband from Belgrade called former colleagues, they returned home and were immediately detained at the airport. Friends in arms convinced him that anything serious does not threaten him, if he’s going home, will get only a suspended sentence, they say, still, that he was in Donetsk, the Serbian intelligence agencies is well known. “But Goran is not thought to go back. His family, his homeland here. He became a citizen of the DPR, he’s got a local passport, he was going to opt out of Serbian nationality, we both wanted as soon as it becomes possible, to obtain Russian documents, just behind them a huge queue now.”

Thank God I’m alive

From Donetsk to Rostov prison is not hitting. In order to keep Goran in conclusion, Lily and another family member left the money to the guards, who had access to the prisoner. Asked to buy food, buy necessities.

“Seven thousand handed relative, and two I. And they took it all for himself. That is, deceived. Bought Goran only cigarettes, some sausage and bread. Even my husband took the phone and said that he doesn’t need him anymore, Goran could not stand injustice and wrote a letter to the head of the detention center. The inspection confirmed the facts. But, as far as I know, serious punishment no one suffered. But the life of her husband did not.”

Under the eyes black, Goran could hardly stand on his feet before Lily is their only short-term date. Skin and bones. Continuously coughing. Barely alive. “We tried to ensure that we at least took the pills useless. He needs inhalers, without them he can’t breathe. But his condition was not paying attention, although I turned over all the documents on the disease.

In conclusion, the husband three times suffered from influenza, pneumonia. In addition to the progressive Kazemi pleura with a hernia, cholecystitis… We asked that it at least went to the hospital for examination, explained that he is seriously ill, suffering, and now, when even the outbreak of coronavirus, with such an attitude he without a working light is almost no chance to survive.”

the worst attack happened in late April. Goran started to choke and turn blue, the inmates, according to Lily, called the guard, digging it hard into the door. “The nurse came, but refused to give him medicine, said she banned” — can not hold back emotions Lily. She was crying. I hear her on the phone sobbing and not know how to comfort her in this situation than to help. Just I also stopped believing in justice. Especially here and now.

on 12 may in Rostov regional court considered the case of Goran Cirica. The arguments Chirico that he is a citizen of the Donetsk Republic, the shallows, as “not based the existing international law”. DNR as a state, as we know, does not exist. So there was no tuberculosis of the water in the river from which he drank. There was no battle at Debaltsevo. There was no “Russian world”.

no One and nothing, except for Lilies, which is fighting for the life of the husband of the last forces.

I remember the Russian volunteers, too, remaining after the war in the former Yugoslavia. They married Serbian women, but few of them became happy. Over time, many have been thrown into the dustbin of life. They were deprived of their citizenship, which they received for their exploits, they took away pensions and work, many forced to leave the Balkans and to wander the world.

the Former socialist Yugoslavia took a course on EU politics, new people came who believed that it is better to be on the sidelines, but of Europe. The volunteers all were an eyesore.

Despite the strong arguments and numerous documentary evidence of a long lasting Goran Cirica in the ranks of the militia, the court “found no grounds under which extradition Cirica the Serbian side can be dismissed.” Was completely swept away as not worthy of attention arguments about the possible political nature of the prosecution of Goran Serbian authorities.

According to article 462 of the criminal procedure code of the Russian Federation and in accordance with the international Treaty on the basis of the principle of reciprocity, Russia can easily give them to a foreign state citizen. Without going into details and without conducting any investigation, for that, in fact, its want to get and what awaits him at home. Serbian idealist, surviving on his devotee in a foreign war.

Lily says it will continue to fight for her husband.

Andrew Sedov, head of KPC “War and peace”: “increasingly, the militias fall under the so-called extradition on the request of Interpol. They impute the Commission of criminal offenses, which I’m sure they did not commit and no evidence of this. Moreover, criminal cases often involve hindsight, and in such cases there are victims and witnesses of the “crime”. Then people declared an international arrest warrant through Interpol for legitimate reasons.

law Enforcement authorities of other countries, including the Russian Federation, nothing remains to detain the militia according to the international regulations.

we are Now preparing an official letter to the relevant authorities and entities of the Russian Federation, to be able to cease the practice of issuing false accusations.”