the Governors managed without loss to pass the period of preparation of beds, but the head can fly to the non-payment of presidential allowances to medical workers. Vladimir Putin has twice during the last three days drew attention to this problem, otrokov officials for poor performance discipline in the difficult period of the pandemic. According to Michael mishustina, from 27.5 billion rubles, which lists the regions for the allowances, before the doctors came only 4.5 billion.

Today, exactly two weeks as tests for coronavirus Mikhail mishustina gave a positive result. The Prime Minister has already passed one quarantine period and went on the mend, but remains under medical supervision. During the meeting, which he held from the hospital, it turned out that the cough still persists. But in General, the head of the Cabinet looks much more cheerful than during the first communication session with colleagues on 8 may. As one would expect, first of all, the Cabinet reviewed the situation of incentive payments to doctors, which has drawn criticism from Vladimir Putin. Speaking once again appeal to the citizens, the President noted that the promised month ago, the money received only 56 thousand people, and not in all regions. “This is less than half of health care staff to which they are put,” said GDP, stressing that he will continue to keep this issue under personal control. From the government the head of state demanded “not to needlessly stress to physicians and not to take their time on unnecessary reporting”.

Mikhail Mishustin at the meeting said that the delay of payments is not exactly tied to a lack of funding. In the regions listed 27.5 billion rubles But selected ones only 4.5 billion, which is less than 20%. In other words: additional powers to the governors, of course, given, but on discipline that, alas, was not affected. In the midst of a pandemic, governors there were bigger fish to fry worries about those who are on the front lines. However, the reprimand by the President has not gone unnoticed. Just a day after his speech, said the head of the Federal Treasury Roman Artyukhin, there was a sharp jump — payments increased by RUB 1.5 billion And the number of subjects where pay has not yet started, decreased to two in Chukotka and the Magadan region.

Putin himself said that “manual control” works more effectively than additional powers. On Tuesday, he held a meeting on the problems of aviation, but first remembered the doctors. “You ought to pay attention, and please work started. But why can’t it be done immediately?” — annoyed the President noted. Some regions have scared overbearing anger so that provided 100%-s ‘ payments. According to the Treasury, on the list of foremost entered Ingushetia, Rostov oblast and Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Close to them Mordovia, Chuvashia, Perm Krai, Bryansk, Moscow, Novgorod, Smolensk region and the Chechen Republic. However, questions remain, including in those regions where the “new infection is spread most widely and physicians continue to function at full capacity”, said Mikhail Mishustin.

Partly in payment issues may be to blame the Ministry of health recommended to give them along with salaries. The Prime Minister said that this is the wrong tactic: “Funds are of a stimulating nature, so, as soon as they enter regions they need to bring to the people and not wait for the date of the paycheck.” The Cabinet expects that this will be done before may 15. Mishustin instructed to monitor the situation not only in regions, but also for medical institutions to see which of them admit of delay.

Minister of health Michael Murashko, in turn, explained that the physicians working with the coronavirus, should receive two types of allowances. Some are financed from the reserve Fund of the government and is calculated in percent of the average wage of physicians in the region for 9 months of 2019. (For example, Intensivists and infectious disease specialists in hospitals get 100% of emergency doctors and specialists primary care 80%, there is a whole table. But in the end, in many regions it really is a penny, what with indignation was written in social networks.) The second overhead is the so — called presidential — paid in the prescribed amount (doctors — 80 thousand roubles, average medical staff — 50 thousand rubles, and the youngest is 20 thousand rubles.) on a single bet. If a person works half time, he should get 50%, and if two, it is still only one payment. The amount marked Putin, can also be reduced in the event of illness or vacation — is proportional to the number worked during the month of shifts. According Murashko, additional payments from the reserve Fund has already received 74% of those who are supposed to have, and “presidential money” — 63%.

the meeting was not discussed a situation where on the ground trying to optimize the costs and give doctors money based on how many hours or minutes of their time they are directly engaged with coronavirus patients. But the health Ministry know about it and do not approve of such an initiative. Deputies of the state Duma Murashko promised that the Agency will monitor the payments to each recipient.