He must have imagined things differently: while playing hide-and-seek with his friends at the port of Chittagong, 15-year-old Fahim from Bangladesh chose a shipping container as a hiding place. However, he accidentally locked himself in it. After no one responded to his calls for help, he finally fell asleep – and set off on a long journey with the container. The India Times reports.

Six days later, the employees of the Malaysian port of Port Klang – almost 4000 kilometers south of Chittagong – were amazed when the boy suddenly staggered out of the container – completely dehydrated, starved and with a high fever. Because he did not understand the local language, the workers initially assumed that he had been a victim of human trafficking.

But far from it. It turned out that playing hide-and-seek with his friends had just “gone totally wrong” for the 15-year-old. On a Malaysian Twitter channel, videos show the workers taking Fahim out of the container and him walking around in front of it, disoriented, until paramedics finally put him on a stretcher.

According to the India Times, he was taken to a Malaysian hospital to recover from his travel injuries. As soon as he is better, he should be taken back to his home country. How Fahim managed to survive in the container for so long without eating or drinking is a mystery to his finders.