the average by the largest Russian cities (with population of 500 thousand people) in these conditions it is possible to by 63% of the apartments in the market, says head of the analytical center CYANOGEN Alexei Popov. The average area of housing – 48,7 sq. m, which is 17% less than the market in General (59 square meters). “The average area of apartments at a discounted mortgage meets spacious Studio apartment or one-bedroom accommodation with EuropeanaLocal (combined kitchen-living room and small bedroom). That is, preferential mortgage with the minimum payment helps to buy their first home. Those who are planning to improve living conditions by purchasing the full two – or three-bedroom apartment, you will have to make a down payment larger than 20%,” – said Popov.

In Moscow, with 20%-s ‘ first installment of the choice represented 49% of the apartments in the primary market. “A cap of 8 million rubles. in Moscow cuts off family of borrowers, who are planning to buy a two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments,” – said managing partner of “Vektorstroyfinans” Andrew Kolacinski.

In St. Petersburg, with an average budget of 7.8 million for subsidized mortgage with a minimum payment fits 80% of the apartments. In most other large cities of Russia the average apartment is worth 3.6 million rubles, which is within government-set limit, noted in CYANOGEN. The largest share is available at a discounted mortgage housing in Kirov (88% of apartments in new buildings), Barnaul (87%), Ryazan (85%). Only in some cities the average cost of housing is much higher than can be purchased at a discounted mortgage. For example, in Sochi under the proposed conditions fit only 9% of homes on the market in Tyumen – 28%. In the whole of Russia became leaders of the Moscow and the Leningrad region, where due to the increased limit potentially fall under a preferential mortgage 99% and 100% of the apartments respectively.

The smallest would be, according to CYANOGEN, purchased at a discounted mortgage housing in Sochi – here you can buy all 33 sq. m. The spacious apartment under the proposed restrictions in major cities, you can buy in Samara is 65.5 meters.

According to official data, the cheapest housing in Russia in the Bryansk region. According to the order of the Ministry of construction, the average market cost of square meter here is 30 412 rubles. With a reduced mortgage in Brjansk you can buy a two-bedroom apartment in new building in 86 sq. m. “Reasons for low cost housing in the region is the high level of competition, low margins on objects that are within 15 percent – said the representative of the group of companies “Garant PKGS” Valentin Tarasov. – The cost of our projects is minimized through the optimization of business processes, availability of own design Institute, the use of domestic materials and equipment. In addition, in the Bryansk oblastand there is a market available land for housing construction, which is also working on cost reduction. The regional authorities are actively working to create social and transport infrastructure, not shifting these burdens on developers”.

In Khabarovsk, where the official cost of a meter – 68 995 rubles (higher than in the suburbs), on the same terms to buy a one-bedroom apartment. “The minimum price of an apartment in one of our projects – 4.6 million rubles, and the minimum market value of a one-room apartment in a new building in the city – from 3.5 million rubles,” – told “RG” the development company “Talan”.

a Significant portion of the company’s projects fit the designated criteria, reported in a press-service of LSR Group: “the Prices in Moscow the objects are starting from 6.2 million rubles, in Moscow – from 6.1 million (in sales were only two-bedroom apartments with finishing) in Saint-Petersburg – from 2.2 million rubles in Yekaterinburg – 1.5 million rubles.” “A limit of 8 million roubles for real estate in our region viable, – said General Director of Setl Group Jan Isaac (Saint Petersburg). – The proportion of such objects in a sentence – the majority”.

According to Molochinskogo, the peak demand for the subsidized mortgage is expected in autumn, when restored economic activity.