“I’m trying desperately to stop the decay,” admits Bert Wollersheim (71), once a big fish in Düsseldorf’s red-light milieu, today a colorful bird in the celebrity zoo. He will soon be 72 if his lungs want it. A fact that even the bleached hair and the many tattoos on his aging body can no longer hide. His fourth wife Ginger Costello-Wollersheim (36) – born as Yvonne Schaufler – is 35 years younger than the former brothel owner. “You could age a little faster,” he wishes of her, only half-jokingly.

They met on Mallorca, after a minute there was the first argument, after three months they got married. “I never get tired of looking at her face,” Bert says fondly of his fourth wife. Even if not much of Ginger’s face is in its original state. “Your original lips were chic,” enthuses Bert – and still accompanies his wife to the beauty doctor. Love is when you simply accept some things – for the sake of the human being.

In the docu-soap “Wo die Liebe hinfallen” Vox brings couples in front of the camera who at first glance don’t necessarily belong together. Couples who are at the beginning of the relationship or where the end is already in sight. And also those whose life messes with their love story. Filming into something as intimate as a romantic relationship is always a bit voyeuristic, often uptight or just plain irrelevant. But this time Bert Wollersheim surprises with sentences that actually touch.

Blacky Fuchsberger already knew that aging is not for cowards. And if you grow old next to a significantly younger partner, you have to be particularly brave. Bert Wollersheim is worried that he won’t be able to keep up with his young wife much longer: As a long-time smoker, he suffers from COPD, a chronic lung disease. Even the walk with his wife’s little handbags made Wollersheim gasp heavily. Nevertheless, he carries her bag behind her and stands on the SUP for her. It’s a shame, he says, “that we won’t grow old together”.

Still, the bullets are getting closer. At an event, Wollersheim suffers a minor stroke. If the next one turns out to be harder, he doesn’t want his ginger to waste her time at his bedside: “I release you,” he tells her via video call. But she doesn’t want to be free at all: “You’re the love of my life,” she calls out to him happily. Even if her life will probably surpass his by far.

Young love, on the other hand, is with Amalia: The 20-year-old fell in love with the Greek lifeguard Alexandros online without ever having seen him in person. Now the two are meeting for the first time. She is taller than him, and that clearly bothers the young Greek. And she makes it clear to him that as a guest in her parents’ house, he sleeps better on the living room couch. “I’m about to fall in love a little bit,” she admits to Vox anyway, blushing a little.

The two young people travel to Berlin together for a few days, and one is almost glad that the camera team leaves the two alone, at least in the evening. And only in the morning quite obtrusively asks what happened between the two. “I feel a certain warmth from his side,” she says cautiously. “I would say I’m in love with him.” Alexandros’ promise to meet again in the summer on Lesvos sounds hesitant.

Too hesitant. Amalia therefore travels to Greece, with Vox in her wake, to surprise Alexandros. He also looks surprised and unfortunately not really enthusiastic. She quickly has the feeling that he doesn’t want to go to Lesbos with her. And that’s the end of what began so promisingly online. Let us stay friends? “I’m disappointed,” she says. And yet: Despite everything, she doesn’t want to miss the time of waiting, hoping and dreaming. Because love always means weighing something.

And then there is TV presenter Carsten Spengemann (50) and girlfriend Monique Edel (43): in 2022 the blonde forwarding clerk was outed as a former porn actress, which Spengemann did not know. “Seeing that was the worst part,” he says. Although, of course, nobody had forced him to watch the sex films. Nevertheless, he sticks to his partner: “It’s still my Moni.” The drama of their film past only made them stronger as a couple, says Spengemann: “Checked and done!” Love means never having to ask for forgiveness: That already taught us the tearjerker “Love Story”. Actually, Vox says so too. Just in many seasons.

Lucas Cordalis entered the jungle camp as a favorite. In the meantime, the son of ex-jungle king Costa Cordalis is not only with many viewers, but also with his fellow campers. What is Lucas doing wrong in the jungle? FOCUS online author Melanie Althoff is looking for the answers.

After the outrage about a sexist comment by Dieter Bohlen about a “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” candidate, RTL admitted to making mistakes. The statement was out of the ordinary, according to the broadcaster. Crisis meetings are said to have been convened behind the scenes. Bohlen rejects that.

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