We still don’t know how the corona virus is exactly the emergence. But, due to the lack of knowledge, there will be a lot of conspiracy theories around. One far-fetched than the other. It was created as a biowapen? The virus accidentally escaped from a lab? Or is it all of them started at the market in Wuhan?

Scientists from all over the world in search of the source of the new corona virus which almost all of the countries in the world, gets underway. The exact statement was, to this day has not been found. However, according to the republican senator from Arkansas, Tom Cotton would be the China of the virus can be used as a biowapen.

the corona virus, as biowapen

“We know that it is only a few miles away from the market in Wuhan is China is the world’s only superlaboratorium for biosafety level with respect to four of. In a laboratory of human infectious diseases are investigating it,” said Tom Cotton on Fox News, in the month of February. “Epidemiologists from the chinese study, published in the international journal The Lancet, in which they show that some of the original cases, it is not in contact with the food.”

On Twitter, he gave up his later explanation of his theory: “Poor science, and poor security (this is the case of the biowapen, with an accidental breach).”

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Dr. William Schaffner, a specialist in infectious diseases at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, denies, however, that the theory of natural Cotton. “There is no reliable information as to which theory to support. I think that we are at this point, a line can pass through such a theory, and be able to say that this is not what happened,” he said on CNN.

“Everyone I have spoken to think that it is from a natural source, as well as the SARS virus and the MERS virus. They were also coronavirussen to dierenpopulaties to the human species and the natural environment have been passed,” said Schaffner. “In the meantime, scientists all over the world, this virus is considered, and it would not be the ‘evil’ in origin.”

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Post-experiment with the fruit bats out of a cave

the in this theory, it would be a lab in Wuhan, as the culprit. According to The Daily Mail, there were “allegedly” experiments were carried out with the bats coming from a cave in Yunnan, 2,000 kilometers away from Wuhan. In a study funded by the united states government. In the laboratory, would have a received a grant of 3.7 million dollars.

“Sources in the government say that, even though there still is the suggestion that the virus was transmitted to people in a market in wuhan have an accident in the laboratory in the Chinese city are also likely to be considered”, the paper writes. According to an unverified claim, would the scientists of the institute, which may be contaminated is touched after being sprayed with blood, that the virus is contained in it, and it is then up to the local community and have passed on”, the newspaper continues.

Downing Street did, however, know that it is not claimed that the virus came from the lab. And the scientists deny the theory. “It’s not a credible theory,” said Vincent Racaniello, professor of microbiology at Columbia University, for example, in the event. “I think it’s generally human nature to assume that people are terrible things to be able to do it, but it does not always be expected to be of the natural world.”

“It’s all the fault of a peasant”

the (Racaniello did, however, have a different theory. According to the scientist, the spread of the virus, due to the farmer, which is the droppings of bats, used as fertilizer. “In the bats and these viruses, darmvirussen. They are the excrement of bats, which we are bat guano to call it,” he explained to CNN.

“If you have a bat cave to enter, it is littered with bat guano. In many countries, the harvesting, the farmers guano for their fields to fertilize.” According to Racaniello, the farmer, or a co-worker to be infected with the virus, and began by accident with other people, and to infect it.

According to Racaniello’s theory that the virus is not a laboratory, and therefore is not on the market in Wuhan. With this assumption it remains, according to many, the answer to the question, “how can this pandemic start?”

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The strange animal with scales: the pangolin

the , According to this theory, there was a person in the now-world-famous – Huanan seafood market in Wuhan, which is contaminated with the virus from an animal. According to professor Stephen Turner, head of the department of microbiology at Monash University, for example, the virus is likely from a body of water. “But that’s where my knowledge is at,” he said to The Guardian.

now, The working hypothesis is that the virus has been on the market, because of the interaction between a human being and as a living animal, it seems, for him, is not the answer. According to scientists, the virus was passed from bats to an intermediate animal, and then back to the man. Just like it was with the SARS virus in 2002, with the virus of bats to civets and moved to in a man, was able to infect it. It Was the pangolin, then it is an intermediate creature?

the Pangolin Photo: AFP < / P> Photos of the strange animal that has scales that looks similar to an anteater, the world around them. It Was a pangolin which is a carrier of the virus among the people, began to spread? Since scientists can not yet answer. The animal was not on the list of items that are in Wuhan, are sold. All of that may be because it is illegal for them to sell, and it is, therefore, not reported, or recorded.

Professor Stanley Perlman, a prominent immunologist at the University of Iowa and an expert on the subject of previous outbreaks of coronavirussen that come from animals, says that the idea is that the link to the Wuhan market, by coincidence, is “it can’t be possible, but that possibility seems less and less likely because of the genetic material of the virus had been found in the environment.

as Perlman told The Guardian Australia that he believes that there is a tussendier, and added that pangolines, although a possible candidate, but has not been proved that they are the most important intermediate ones are.”

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