Recently, the world broke new interest to an old snapshot, taken by the Mars Rover. Conspiracy theorists saw it as something interesting and frightening at the same time.

Not so long ago in the tabloids start to float a photo taken by the Curiosity Rover in far 2014. It immediately gained incredible popularity among the conspiracy theorists and the conspiracy theorists – after all, an object, outside the frame, strikingly reminiscent of a bone!

“Thanks to the MastCam, we really managed to get the Martian rock that resembles a thigh bone. Members of the research team believe that its shape is probably formed by erosion, be it wind or water,” wrote in response to all questions, the representative of NASA.

He again noted that if Mars still bears traces of former life, it are likely just microbes. All because the atmosphere of the red planet (which long ago was not red), it was too little oxygen and some other elements, without which the development of more complex life forms is impossible.

On the other hand, every one of us regularly sees patterns in random configurations of objects forming the world around us. Surely you often notice the funny faces in the holes of the sockets or vehicles, see fantastic creatures in a random weave of branches or silhouettes of clouds. This phenomenon is called pareidolia. It is believed that it occurs when some parts of the brain process visual information and jumping to conclusions before the rest of the brain will catch up with them.

The Martian photos are full of such images. The famous “Martian head” on Cydonia, Mars mushrooms, insects, statues of gods and heroes… unfortunately, at the moment there is not even a weak reason to believe that these are real artifacts of ancient civilizations of the red planet. Moreover, this discovery, they happen for real, would give the discoverer of unfading glory, respect and honor of all mankind – so that scientists in any case would not have to hide such information.

I wonder why after so many years people again and again keep coming back to the old Martian pictures?