On February 12, the election for the House of Representatives in Berlin will be repeated. FOCUS Online tells you where you can vote.

Anyone entitled to vote can cast their vote by postal vote or at the ballot box. Personal voting takes place at the polling station. But how do I know where exactly I can vote?

You can find the answer on your election notification that you received a few weeks before the election. The exact address is on the map under “election area”.

If you have not received an election notification, you should contact your district immediately and ask whether you are on the electoral roll. If you are not listed there, you cannot vote.

You can also find out from your district where your polling station is located. For example, many municipalities in Germany offer an information hotline on election day or have provided a list of all polling stations on their website.

In a pinch, ask a neighbor where the nearest polling station is. You are usually listed there as well.

The polling stations in Berlin will be open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on February 12. Anyone who finds the ballot box too uncertain because of Corona or if they do not have time during the opening hours of the polling stations can apply for postal voting without giving a reason.

All eligible voters are assigned to the constituency in which they live. This constituency is divided into several constituencies. Before the election, you can apply to vote in another constituency. You cannot change the constituency. In general, you can save the trip to the polling station and apply for postal voting in good time for the repeat election in Berlin.

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