By mid-July, the service used by 23 thousand women, despite the fact that for the year allocated about 80 thousand quotas, the number of which increases every year. For example, in 2019 at the expense of OMS was made almost 80 thousand EKO, which is 16% higher than a year earlier.

in Addition to the programme of state guarantees in the framework of OMS artificial conception is also financed from the funds of the national project “Demography”. It is expected that by 2024, the possibility of having a baby with IVF, and not less than 450 thousand infertile couples. Today, the waiting list for free IVF on average lasts from 2 weeks to 3 months. The efficiency of the cycles is the same as worldwide, some 40%, i.e. every second or third pregnancy. The number of births after IVF in 2019 exceeded 26 thousand, with every 10th pregnancy was a multiple. As a result, the light appeared almost 30 thousand babies. One quota IVF costs the state about 141 thousand RUB In, which should meet the clinic (today their 328), is the stimulation of ovulation, puncture of ovaries, artificial insemination derived cells, embryonic stage, the embryo transfer into the uterus of a woman and the diagnosis of pregnancy. This year, a woman can order the cryopreservation of embryos, in the amount stipulated in the Federal program of state guarantees. The only thing it does not include storage of embryos, a service paid for by yourself. The ECO shall designate an attending in that case, if pregnancy is impossible by natural means. Restrictions on the number of children or attempts today, no. Among contraindications – severe and acute disease, cancer, mental disorders.

Since the end of June the procedure resumed in most Russian regions. So, in the laboratories of the Voronezh region until the end of the year will carry out all the planned 750 cycles. As explained by the head of the laboratory of EKO, perinatal center of VOKB number 1 Maria Ektova, today the procedure does not require the stay of the mother in the hospital. If IVF is performed in the morning, then at lunch, the woman returns home.

In the Belgorod region also stress the need for IVF, which are treated like ladies older and younger women. The project “Big family in Belgorod” – a regional feature of the national project “Demography”.

In Udmurt Republic for the first half of 2020 held a 317 IVF procedures, and the light appeared 222 of the baby, told “RG” in the Ministry of health of the region. This year the program is expanding: in the framework of the OMS scheduled to be held not less than 753 procedures of in vitro fertilization. Since 2013, in the Udmurt Republic through IVF were born nearly a thousand children.