“the gold mask” stuck in the middle of the competition jury and viewers get to watch about half of the plays, the theatres were prepared, raced to Moscow theatergoers worried and argued, the oracles began to reason the odds – and suddenly everything crashed, broke into the unknown. The hope is to bring to the bitter end?

Maria Revyakina: We had to spend more out-of-competition program “Mask Plus” and the “Children’s weekend”. Yes, and the contest was not cancelled, but postponed until better times. So now we expect that the jury will inspect the whole program. Where, on what grounds – it is now negotiating. What we will bring to Moscow, and some performances will have to watch their own scenes. The closing ceremony planned for the end of October and hope that we will succeed.

But for all this, need all participants also returned to active work. And they ready for it?

Maria Revyakina: of Course, we much depend from the schedule of sites, from the readiness of the theatres. Especially the music: for them, the months of isolation – lack of training for the athlete. Our judges did not have time to watch “the Mermaid” at the Bolshoi theatre, “Love the devil” in Mamta, “the king” in the theater “Ural Ballet” and other very important work… Now these performances need to rebuild, to find them free of the scene. But something, again, the jury will have to look in areas in the hospital. However, we always had a lot of logistical work – the usual thing.

Jury-look, but these performances will not see… And what about the competition next year? It is also time to cook.

Maria Revyakina: Experts have since last fall and has watched new works of theatre, but also here the pandemic has made the amendments: the premiere, scheduled for April and may, took place, interrupted his work, and the selectors – and we were forced to extend the normal time frame for their work.

what’s up with regional projects of the “Golden mask”?

Maria Revyakina: Scheduled visits to St. Petersburg, Kazan, Smolensk, Voronezh, Petrozavodsk, Kostomuksha, Irkutsk, Bratsk. In Blagoveshchensk, where in September it is expected a large theatre festival. We have been informed that there are prepared and not yet canceled. In October – a trip to the Baltic States, and leaving a “Mask” to Israel postponed for November.

In isolation, many theater people are not sitting idly by: the creative imagination was in full swing. Director Alexei Frandetti with their actors came up with, for example, musical in Instagram, other theaters have managed to play the premiere on the Internet. Don’t you think that a forced experience in Zoom and similar tricks will be useful in “peacetime”?

Maria Revyakina: Absolutely! Started a new branch ontons of former practices. And already have a very interesting work, promising artistic techniques. An interesting program makes the festival “Point of access”. In the Voronezh Chamber theatre Mikhail Bychkov set the Zoom play on the actual play Dmitry Danilov “Choose three” – it’s artistic and I must say, very scary.

Wonderful performance! But with alternative options, “Golden mask” and worked to pandemic – explore new ways to bring theatre to the public.

Maria Revyakina: Yes, for five years there is a project “Golden mask in cinema” screening of the award-winning and nominated performances in high-quality multitrack recording in cinemas throughout Russia. In addition, in 2018 we carry live broadcasts of festival performances on the Internet. The project partner was the company “Rambler Internet holding”. Entries posted in the directory online cinema OKKO. Live streams are available for free, record – by subscription.

How to get out of the isolation of the Theatre of Nations?

Maria Revyakina: Already in June to begin rehearsals of “Doctor Willy-nilly” by Moliere directed by Oleg Valley. And after the holidays in mid-July we will begin to rehearse the performances that the pandemic is frozen, although the scenery and costumes are ready. Four premieres: in addition to “Doctor…”, “the passion of Thomas” by Dostoevsky, staged by Yevgeny Marcelli, “the Broken jug” by Heinrich von Kleist directed by Timofey kulyabin and “Gorbachev” – this performance puts Alvis Hermanis, he also wrote a play on memoirs of those who worked with the first President of the USSR. All this we plan to show in September.

With the audience, planted in a checkerboard pattern?

Maria Revyakina: With seats for spectators while we do not decide, by agreement with the Ministry of culture are waiting for July to know what requirements by the time of placing the theatres of the CPS. While the situation is quite unclear, but the Ministry of culture is working closely with us, helping us to resolve many problems.

All this sounds rather optimistic, but much remains unclear. For example, the entire theatrical world is wondering how to love each other, Romeo and Juliet, keeping social distance, as will dance in masks ballet couple…

Maria Revyakina: This is all, of course, and sad, and funny. We have already discussed how they will work, observing sanitary distance the choristers in the Opera – maybe I should run chorus online? But if without jokes, then quite clear: actors can’t play without touching each other, otherwise it is not theatre.